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Officers when EY was re-formed from the EIY in 1908

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This extract from the London Gazette gives the names of all the officers when the Essex Yeomanry was re-formed from the Essex Imperial Yeomanry in 1908.

The undermentioned offices, from the Essex Imperial Yeomanry, are appointed to the regiment, with rank and precedence as in the Imperial Yeomanry. Dated 1st April 1908: -

Lieutenant-Colonel and Honoary Colonel (Honorary Lieutentant-Colonel in the Army) Richard Beale Colvin, C.B.
Major and Honoarary lieutentant-Colonel (Captain, retired pay, Reserve of Officers) Henry James Lermitte.
Major Edmund Dacon.
Supernumerary Major (Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel in the Aarmy) John Henry Patterson, D.S.O.
Major Francis Henry Douglas Charlton Whitmore.
Major (Captain, retired pay) William Sullivan Gosling.
Supernumerary Major and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel (Major, retired pay, Reserve of Officers) Clarence Dulrymple Bruce.
Major Herbert Leslie Melvillie Tritton.
Captain (Honorary Lieutenant in the Army) Andrew Roddick.
Supernumerary Captain (Captain, retired pay) Seymour Frederick Gosling.
Captain Guy Gilbey Gold.
Lieutentant Anthony Buxton
Lieutentant Eustace Hill.
Second Lieutentant WIlliam Arther Wills.
Second Lieutentant Edward Archibald Ruggles-Brise.
Second Lieutentant Archibald Gilbey Gold.
Second Lieutentant Charles James Round
Second Lieutentant John Oxley Parker.
Second Lieutentant Robert Alastair Thomson.
Second Lieutentant Frank Cecil Meyer.
Second Lieutentant The Honourable Rupert Alfred Blyth.
Second Lieutentant John Dumville Botterell.
Second Lieutentant Robert Edwards.
Supernumerary Second Lieutentant Henry Hamilton Gepp.
Supernumerary Second Lieutentant Edward Parker Wallman Wedd. (To be supernumerary.)
Wuartermaster and Honorary Captain William Brown.


Captain Seymour Gosling was the great uncle of Rupert Gosling.. Major William Gosling was the father of Willie Gosling who commanded in the early 1950s.   2/Lt Henry Gepp was Tom Gepp’s father.



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