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Sgt A E Smith

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Sgt A E Smith - by Bob Ashby.
My great Uncle Sgt Arthur Edward Smith Essex Yeomanry died in the charge at Monchy-le-preux. The following items have are reproduced here including a poem called "The charge of the Essex Yeomanry at Monchy-le-Preux" and a letter from his CO Ruggles-Brice to his parents.

Newspaper cutting 'Came out Lucky'

From the local paper

Back of contact card
The Charge of the Essex Yeomanry at Monchy-Le-Preux April 11th 1917

There’s a hurry & scurry as the order comes
Stand to your horses while shrapnel hums
Mount and be damned to those German guns
For the road to Monchy–le–Preux

There’s a jingle and jangle while extending as taught
Walk, march then trot and away for some sport
Gallop and go for it caring naught
On the road to Monchy-le-Preux

There’s a screech and a scream as the Hun shells roar
A barrage more fierce than ever before
The survivors rush on all spattered with gore
On the road to Monchy-le-Preux

There’s a moan and a groan as our wounded crawl back
Passing many a pal on that ill fated track
And many a horse shot dead with its pack
From the ruins on Monchy-le-Preux

But here’s to the horses and here’s to the men
Who stuck to the task that was given them then
Who proved themselves Yeomen and true Essex men
When they charged on Monchy-le-Preux
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