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War Diary Part 1

History - EY History

Part 1 - November 1914 - June 1915

by Col S Foakes TD DL

Melton, Suffolk
29/11/14 C Sqn entrained at Woodbridge station for Southampton. 03.00
B Sqn entrained at Woodbridge station for Southampton. 05.00
A Sqn entrained at Woodbridge station for Southampton. 07.00

Regt sailed in SS Anglo-Canadian. 19.30
Strength:- Officers 25
Rank and file 468
Horses 513
Vehicles 6
Wheeled 18
Motor cycles 15

Le Havre
1/12/14 Regt disembarked and marched to No 1 camp.

2/12/14 Drew new harness to replace unserviceable and exchanged 22 horses. 4 interpreters, 4 horses joined.

3/12/14 A Sqn and RHQ entrained at Havre. 12.00
Interpreter killed by train.
B Sqn and M/guns entrained at Havre. 13.00
SSM Bidie P S transferred to base at Rouen.
C Sqn entrained at Havre. 15.00

St Omer
4/12/14 A Sqn and RHQ arrived and marched to billets at Wardrecques. 14.00
B Sqn and M/guns arrived and marched to billets at Wardrecques. 15.00
C Sqn arrived and marched to billets at Wardrecques. 17.00. Weather very bad, much rain and sleet.

5/12/14 Very wet and the day was spent in settling into billets. Visited by Gen Bulkeley Johnson, GOC 8th Cavalry Brigade.

6/12/14 Regtl 2i/c, 2i/c's of Sqns, 1 Sgt per Sqn, 2 motor cyclists, 4 dispatch riders, Maj Buxton and 9 officers servants left to be attached to 8th Cav Bde at Hazebrouck.
Pte Hermant arrived as interpreter to take the place of Cpl Hannin.

7/12/14 Trench digging by Sqns at Mt D'Hiver. Weather very wet.

8/12/14 Musketry by Sqns at 200 range St Omer, very bad range.

9/12/14 Inspection by GOC 3rd Cav Div.

10/12/14 regtl field firing 15 rounds per man near billets. Received orders by phone from Bde Major, A and R Troops to march to Hazebrouck. 2 horses and 1 man to sick lines at St Omer.

11/12/14 marched via Hazebrouck to new billets at Grand-Sec-Bois, arrived, rejoined by the 5 officers, 3 sergeants and servants.

12/12/14 Inspected by GOC 8th Cav Bde. 3 wagons, 6 horses and 3 ASC drivers arrived and taken on strength.

13/12/14 Church parade. Received orders to march to new billets near Bailleul next day early.

14/12/14 Parade at 07.00 with head of the column at level crossings S of E of Pradelles, marched with RHG and 10th hussars via Bailleul to about 1 mile W of Dranoutre arriving there about 10.30. Stayed there with remainder of 3rd Cav Div until 14.45 within sight of artillery duel, and then marched to billets at St Jans Cappel where B echelon had already arrived. Very dirty and bad billets.

St Jans Cappel
15/12/14 Stood to all day till 19.00. Horses saddled up and wagons packed.

16/12/14 Parade at 09.00. Marched via Meteren and Strazeele to former billets at Grand-Sec-Bois. Pte Lloyd proceeded to England on receiving a commission in North Lancashire Regiment.

17/12/14 Dismounted attack by Sqns near Hazebrouck under directions of the Brigadier.

18/12/14 Exercise in trench digging under direction of Engineer Officer. Very wet day.

19/12/14 Sqn work. Lecture by Brigadier on patrols at 11.30 to all officers. Trench digging in afternoon.

20/12/14 Voluntary Church parade 10.00. Court of enquiry held on death of interpreter Hennin, proceedings forwarded to AG GHQ.

21/12/14 Sqn work in morning. Bayonet practise in afternoon. Very wet and cold. Two horses died.

22/12/14 Dismounted attack in Bois d'Aval under direction of the Brigadier. Interpreter Fiedal left, and one horse destroyed.

23/12/14 Regimental reconnaissance scheme round the big wood.

24/12/14 Regimental reconnaisance scheme stopped by march of 1st Corps. 20 chargers, 1 riding horse arrived. Ptes Rust and Deal to hospital. 3 officers, 42 NCO's, 12 men on leave. ASS Fieldhouse joined.

25/12/14 Church parade 10.00.

26/12/14 Trench digging in morning exercise in afternoon. Pte morley sent to hospital at Hazebrouck.

27/12/14 Voluntary Church parade 10.00.

28/12/14 Sqn work reconnaissance and patrols, also blocking roads. 12 men returned from leave. Improving billets in afternoon. Maj G Gold and 12 men proceeded on leave.

29/12/14 Sqn work recconaissance and patrol work. Improving billets in afternoon.

30/12/14 Sqn work reconnaisance and patrols. Capt Steele and Lieut Hine proceeded on leave.

31/12/14 Sqn work riding drills. Rest of the day spent in improving billets.

1/1/15 Outpost scheme for instruction of officers and SNCO's. 1 draft horse taken on strength.

2/1/15 Parade had to be abondoned owing to heavy rain. 3 men sent to hospital, Ptes Viale, Keen and Everard.

3/1/15 Voluntary service at 12.00. The rest of the day spent in improving in billets. 1 interpreter struck off and replaced. 1 horse died and 2 destroyed.

4/1/15 Exercise under Sqn arrgts. Officers attended experiments in bomb throwing etc.

5/1/15 Interpreter struck off strength and replaced. Marching order parade at 09.00. Route march. Transport inspection.

6/1/15 Exercise under Sqn arrgts. Improving billets and horse shelters. Pte Everard discharged from hospital. 2/Lt's Buxton and Holt and Lt(QM) Sayer proceeded on leave. Capt Steele and 2/Lt Hine returned.

7/1/15 Very wet. Exercise and improving billets, 20 all ranks to Hazebrouck for instruction in throwing hand grenades. FQMS Smith 14 days sick leave to England.3rd Cav. Div. On duty 0800 01.01.15 to 0800 09.01.15.

8/1/15 Regimental scheme. Rearguard action through Fletre. S. S. Blythe admitted to hospital.

9/1/15 Very wet. Ex. And riding schools under Sqn arrangements. The senior Officers spent the day in the trenches. Pte's Gerrard, Miller, Appleton, Vick, Sparrow and Mills admitted to hospital.

10/1/15 Church parade. 2 nd / Lt Buxton returned from leave. 1 horse died.

11/1/15 Ex early. Dismounted attack through the wood at noon. Pte Chambers. J.S. admitted and Pte Franks discharged from hospital. 8 horses evacuated to A. V. C.

12/1/15 Reconnaissance and Patrol work under Sqn arrangements.

13/1/15 Lecture at 0930 by Brigadier. Maj Whitmore, and Buxton, Capt Proby, Ruggles- Brise, and Lt. Gilby proceeded on leave. Lt. Holt and Lt. Q.M. Sayer returned from leave. Ex under Sqn arrangements.

14/1/15 L/Cpl Seabrook Pte Barker admitted to hospital. Ex early entrenching from 1100-1300.

15/1/15 Regimental reconnaissance scheme towards Sercus. Ex riding school under Sqn arrangements.

16/1/15 Inspection of M.G.s. of Div. By G.O.C. 3 rd Cav. Div. And practising making shelters and epaulets for them. Pte Barney A.S.C. awarded 168 hours detn and forfeit one days pay by C.O. for over staying his pass.

17/1/15 Voluntary church parade.

18/1/15 Regiment paraded full strength in marching order with "A" and "B" echelons, Snow storm all the morning. Pte Farrar R.A.M.C. went to hospital.

19/1/15 1 horse died. Ex in morning, and riding school. Improving billets in afternoon.

20/1/15 Regimental reconnaissance scheme and outpost scheme in direction of Sercus. Pte Gardiner admitted to hospital. 1 horse died.

21/1/15 6 Subalterns paraded near Hazebrouck for instruction in reconnaissance by GOC 8th Cav Bde Regiment Received instructions in digging trenches and putting up wire entanglements by night by RE officer. 1 horse died. Pte Farrar RAMC returned from hospital.

22/1/15 Bde scheme to Sercus and Blaringham under directions of GOC 8th Cav Bde and GOC 3rd Cav Div back to billets at 1800 Maj Hill home on leave.
23/1/15 Exercixes and riding school under Sqn arrangements. Col Deacon, Maj Roddick, Lieut Edwards and Tufnell on leave home. L/Cpl Croxon, Pte Steward, Pte Prentice admitted to hospital.

24/1/15 Voluntary Church parade. Saddle inspection in afternoon. 1 horse died.

25/1/15 Ptes Martell, Crook, Gowlett and Sgt Moody admitted to hospital. Staff ride for all Subalterns towards Blaringhem. Advance party of 1 officer and 12 men per squadron and RQMS and 6 men per headquarters to arrange new billets in the neighbourhood of Mt Croquet between Lynde and Blaringhem.

26/1/15 Exercise under squadron arrangements.

27/1/15 Pte Ager 952 and Pte Hallett 650 admitted to hospital. Brigade inspected dismounted by Field Marshal Sir John French at Le-Souverain at 2.30pm. 1 horse died.
Cpl McCarthy 804 and Pte Monk 193 admitted to hospital. Pte Sergeant 1027 from hospital.

28/1/15 Brigade moved into new billets. Essex Yeomanry between Lynde Blaringhem Renescure. 2 horses left at last billets. Pte Banks to hospital.

Mt Croquet

29/1/15 Day spent settling into new billets. 1 horse died. Major Hill from leave. Draft arrived 2nd/Lt F C Meyer and 14 other ranks and 3 chargers.

30/1/15 Dismounted scheme S of Blaringhem in morning. Headquarters moved to Blaringhem. 275 Pte Turner and 1245 Pte Willett to hospital.
Colonel Deacon, Major Roddick, Lt Edwards and 2nd/Lt Tufnell from leave.

31/1/15 Exercise under squadron arrangements. Heavy snow. 1095 Cpl Bateman and 1045 Pte Saunders to hospital.

1/2/15 Exercise under squadron arrangements. Received definite orders that the Brigade would go into trenches near Ypres on 3rd February. Lt Q M Sayer, 27 other ranks and 10 GS limbered wagons left 8.30 am for Ypres. 1417 Pte Masters to hospital.
2/2/15 Exercise under squadron arrangements. Capt Ruggles Brise and 12 NCO's from B and C Sqns, 2nd/Lt C N Gilbey, 1 NCO and 2 men from A Sqn left as billeting party and to take over trenches. 1182 Pte Eve and 781 Cpl Pinhey admitted to hospital.

3/2/15 17 officers and 259 other ranks left at 2.00pm in motor buses for Ypres. A Sqn under the command of OC RHG proceeded direct to the trenches. B and C Sqns went into billets at Ypres on the road looking to Menin. 193 Dvr Monk ASC and Cpl Pinhey from hospital.


4/2/15 Transport was shelled on the noght of the 4th and 5th on road near Hooge. 1 horse killed and 1 wounded. 1 horse killed accident at Blaringhem.

5/2/15 906 Pte Belsham and 1210 Pte Myhill to hospital. A Sqn still in fire trenches nothing noteworthy occurred.

6/2/15 A Sqn still in fire trenches nothing noteworthy occurred.

7/2/15 A Sqn still in fire trenches nothing noteworthy occurred. 702 L/Cpl Thorn C E to hospital.

8/2/15 A Sqn in support at 11am a party of 30 men under 2nd /Lt Buxton proceede to Hooge for ammunition. This party ewas shelled on the way. 1 man killed and 9 men wounded.
1262 Pte Fairweather to hospital.
805 Pte Roberts Killed
975 Pte Richards H Wounded
994 Pte Barrell A E Wounded
970 Pte Turner A Wounded
1331 Pte Taylor H Wounded
1309 Pte Foster G Wounded
1564 Pte Hughes Wounded
837 Pte French A J Wounded
965 Pte Bradd S F Wounded
1069 L/Cpl Salmon J W Wounded
1177 Pte Prentice back from hospital
A Sqn was relieved by B Sqn at 3am on night of 8th and 9th.

9/2/15 B Sqn in trenches nothing noteworthy occurred.

10/2/15 As above.

11/2/15 As above.

12/2/15 B Sqn was relieved by C Sqn at 3am on night of 11th and 12th. A and B Sqn Headquarters reached billets at Blaringhem at 3am on 13th and 15th.

13/2/15 C Sqn was relieved by C Sqn 5th Lancers at 3am on night of 13th and 14th. One casualty 946 Pte Wright A A wounded.


14/2/15 C Sqn reached billets at Blaringhem at 9am. 144 L/Cpl Law L H to hospital. 847 Pte Dick from hospital. 781 L/Cpl Pinhey from hospital.

15/2/15 Exercise under squadron arrangements. 998 Pte Smeaton to England transferred Scottish Signal Section.

16/2/15 Exercise under squadron arrangements.

17/2/15 Regimental marching order parade.

18-20/2/15 Exercise.

21/2/15 Voluntary Church parade 10am.

22/2/15 A Sqn marching parade exercise for remainder. Cold and foggy.

23/2/15 2nd/Lt G P N reid and 2nd/Lt T F Buxton with 16 men of MG detachment proceeded to Ypres by motor bus to be attached to 1st Cav Div during their turn in the trenches. Two limbers went by road under Cpl Pike. 61 other ranks and 64 horses arrived 9.30pm being the second draft from the Reserve Regiment. Cold and snow.
24/2/15 B Sqn marching order parade. Exercise for remainder.

25/2/15 C Sqn as above.
Inspection of recruits and remounts.

26/2/15 Staff ride for all Subaltern Officers under the CO.

27/2/15 Squadron parades under squadron leaders.

28/2/15 Holy Communion at 10am in school house.

1/3/15 Inspection of horses by DDVS Cavalry Corps by squadrons.

2/3/15 Parade under squadron arrangements, recruits ander 2nd -in-command. 28 horses cast.

3/3/15 200 men to dig trenches at Steenbecque. Parade under squadron arrangements, recruits under 2nd- in-command. Subalterns ride under CO.

4/3/15 200 men to dig trenches at Steenbecque. Parade under squadron arrangements, recruits under 2nd-in-command.

5/3/15 Parade under squadron arrangements, recruits under 2nd-in-command.

6/3/15 100 men to dig trenches at Steenbecque . Parade under squadron arrangements, recruits under 2nd-in-command.

7/3/15 100 men to dig trenches at Steenbecque . Voluntary Church parade 10am.

8/3/15 Parade under squadron arrangements, recruits under 2nd-in-command.

9/3/15 Outpost scheme under order of GOC 8th Cav Bde.

10/3/15 Regiment paraded at 4am and marched to Bde RV near Sercus arriving there at 5am . Bde then marched to Lamotte, halted there from 7am to 4pm. Then moved into billets, Regiment to old billets at Grand-Sec-Bois, B echelon remained at Sercus. 9 horses cast, 1 to RHG.


12/3/15 Saddled up at 5.30am, off saddled at 9am. Remained in billets ready to move. B echelon arrived at 4.30pm.

13/3/15 Saddled up at 5.30am, off saddled at 9am. Marched back to billets at Blaringhem at 6.30pm, much blocked by traffic on road.


14/3/15 Saddled up at 9am, ready to move in 1 hour.

15/3/15 regiment remains ready to move in one hour. At 10am marched to Bde RV. Marched back to billets at 5pm.

16/3/15 Ready to move in 1hour.

17/3/15 Inspection of Bde RV by GOC 3rd Cav Div. Degree of readiness extended to 3 hours 10 minutes. 7 other ranks and 40 horses arrived.

18/3/15 Squadron parades. Troops to be in billets by 8.30pm. RHQ moved to Wardrecques Station.

19/3/15 Sqn parades, very cold snow storms.

20/3/15 Sqn parades. Adjt 10th Hussars instructed subalterns in sword exercises. 2 horses to RHG and 2 horses to Mobile Vct Section.

21/3/15 Voluntary Church parade. Very fine and warm.

22/3/15 Sqn parades.

23/3/15 Sqn parades. Dismounted attack in afternoon.

24/3/15 Sqn parades. Subalterns Staff ride under CO.

25/3/15 Sqn parades. Inspection of all transport by DADOS 3rd Cav Div. Driver Barney ASC awarded 42 days imprisonment with hard labour by FGCM.

26/3/15 Regtl parade in marching order.

27/3/15 Sqn parades. Very cold.

28/3/15 Voluntary Church parade, very cold.

29/3/15 Regt inspected in marching order by GOC 3rd Cav Div. 3 men and 12 horses from Rouen.

30/3/15 Sqn parades.

31/3/15 Sqn parades.

1/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrangements. Inspection of transport. Subalterns staff ride under OC.

2/4/15 Regtl field day. Draft of 39 men and 39 horses arrived.

3/4/15 Field day under direction of Brigadier, very wet.

4/4/15 Voluntary Church parade. Very wet.

5/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrangemants. Best Troop prize awarded to Epping Troop.

6/4/15 Vacated billets of HQ and C Sqn and marched to Mt Croquet.

Mt Croquet
7/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrangements. Sergeants instructed sanitary duties.

8/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrangements. Col Deacon to hospital.

9/4/15 Regtl day marching order.

10/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrangements.

11/4/15 voluntary Church parade. Brigade cross country run.

12/4/15 HQ returned to old billets. Draft of 1 man and 22 horses arrived.

13/4/15 Regtl field day.

14/4/15 HQ returned to Mt Croquet. B Sqn near La Belle Hotesse. Col Deacon from hospital.

Mt Croquet

15/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrangements. Inspection of transport.

16/4/15 Regtl Field Day.

17/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrangements. Lecture to dispatch riders. Col Deacon to England on leave.

18/4/15 Voluntary Church parade. Brigade cross country run.

19/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrangements. 3 GS wagons and 6 horses evacuated.

20/4/15 Regt inspected at St Pierre by GOC 3rd Cav Div.

21/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrangements.

22/4/15 Parade under Sqn arrrangements. Inspection of transport and MG.

23/4/15 Parade Bde RV 12.45pm with A echelon. Marched to Abeele, arriving there 6pm. B echelon remained behind ready packed, went into billets near station, all horses linked. Draft of 26 men and 7 horses arrived at B echelon.

24/4/15 Paraded at 10am marched via Boeschepe to about 1 mile SW of Vlamertinghe arriving there at noon. Went into billets 1 mile S of this point at 8pm.


25/4/15 RV at point 35 at 10am. At 1.30 marched to Peselhoeck near Poperinghe which was shelled at the time. Thence to billets at Winnezeele arriving there 7pm.


26/4/15 RV at T of Droglandi at 6.30 am, at 10am marched to A of Abeele arriving there about 11.45am. at 8.30pm marched to a place about 1 mile SW of Poperinghe arriving there about 10.30pm. At midnight marched on foot with A echelon and MG section mounted leaving 1 man to 4 horses under Capt Parker and 1 Subaltern per Sqn, at 3.30pm at Vlamertinghe. Billeted in huts.


27/4/15 Remained in camp roads and town heavily shelled from 4.30 pm to 6pm. Had to move A echelon, no casualties but 2 horses lost.

28/4/15 In camp in morning which was shelled about 10am. Trenches were beginning to be dug. Bde paraded 12.30pm and marched back to horses arriving at 4pm. Paraded mounted at 7pm and marched to billets about 1.5 miles NE of Steenwoorde arriving there about 4.30pm. 3 men wounded.


29/4/15 Paraded at 8.30am at Brigade RV at A of Abeele, stood to all day.

30/4/15 As above.

1/5/15 As above. Then marched back to billets at 6.30pm. Horse bandoliers issued to all mounted man carrying rifles.

2/5/15 As above. Church parade at 10am. Marched back to billets at 6.30pm.

3/5/15 and 4/5/15 Exercise in morning. At 4pm received orders to Rv. Left Brigade Rv at 6.45pm. Marched to about 1.5 miles SW of Vlamertinghe there leaving horses and all the transport, and 1 man to 4 horses, marched at 11.30pm to about 1mile W of Ypres arriving there about 2am. Very wet all night.The Brigade stayed in a field near the road. Marched back to horses at 5am and on to billets near Hootkerque arriving there at 1.30pm.


5/5/15 Paraded at Brigade RV 4.15. 335 strong leaving remainder and all transport in billets. Capt Proby took charge of the limbers (one from EY) containing entrenching tools. Marched via Poperinghe and Vlamertinghe to about 0.25 mile W of Brielen. Horses left there in field with 1 man to 2 horses in charge of Maj Buxton. Remainder (about 160) marched across Yser canal by pontoon bridge to dig trenches 9pm-1am both trench digging party and horses under shell fire. No casualties started back with horses about 3am.

6/5/15 Regiment arrived back at Hootkerque billets 6am.
7/5/15 4pm Regiment paraded with Brigade and marched back to former billets at Le Croquet arriving about 9pm. Pte Reave J N discharged on receiving commission. 16 OR's and horses for MG Section.

Le Croquet

8/5/15 Standing by under 3 hours notice last draft sent to Sqns.

9/5/15 Warning reduced to 1hr 40mins. Regiment ordered to embus at Sercus 10am. 88 per Sqn plus MG Section and HQ abot 300. Southend, Dunmow and Tiptree troops sent back from Sercus owing to lack of bus accommodation. Capt Proby left in charge at Le Croquet. 1 limber from each Sqn 1 from HQ, pack of horses under Lieut Wedd went up to Vlamertinghe. Regiment proceeded to huts and dugouts at Brielen.


10/5/15 Rested during day. Night dug trenches by Yperlee Canal.

11/5/15 Rested. Draft of 12 horses arrived to B echelon.

12/5/15 Southend Dunmow and Tiptree troops and a few OR's total 68 joined regiment under 2nd/Lt Holt. Regiment rested by day and at night proceeded on foot to dig connected trenches N of Hooge.

13/5/15 Retired from digging the GHQ line of trenches E of Potijze strength of Regiment in trenches 302 all ranks including 17 officers. Very heavily shelled from dawn to 6am. Part of 7th Brigade holding advanced trenches shelled out during morning 8thBrigade ordered to make a counter attack and retake them. Started 2.15pm. 10th Hussars on left EY centre Blues on right. EY and 10th doubled all the way to enemy trenches about 1000 yards distant. Germans retired before Brigade reached trenches. Regiment could not get into touch with Blues on right. Germans bombarded retaken trench until dark. 10th and EY less B Sqn retired to line of dugouts in front of GHQ line about 6pm thence to GHQ lines after dark. Capt R Brise and Lt Thompson with about 10 men held advanced position by ruined houses lying in shell holes till after dark. They kept back the German infantry the whole afternoon retiring after dark to rejoin rest of Regiment. Regiment held GHQ trenches during night in conjunction with company of Durham Light Infantry. Remainder of A echelon went up from Le Croquet to join Lieut Wedd's command.

14/5/15 Occupied GHQ trenches until relieved at 9pm by 2nd Cav Div to A Huts S of Vlamertinghe arriving about11.30pm.
Casualties May13th/14th
Killed Wounded Wounded & Missing Missing
Officers 4 5 1 -
Men 29 95 15 11

Total 33 100 16 11

Total all ranks= 160

The following were the Officer casualties:-
Lieut Col E Deacon wounded and missing
Maj F H D C Whitmore wounded (night of 12th/13th)
Maj A Roddick killed (while leading charge)
Capt (Adjutant) Steele wounded (severely)
Lieut R Edwards wounded (lay out for 24 hours)
Lieut V Hine wounded (morning of 13th slight)
Lieut G S Johnson killed
2nd/Lieut G Reid killed (MG Officer)
2nd/Lieut P Holt wounded (severely)
2nd/Lieut Swire killed


15/5/15 Regiment in reserve, rested, cleaned rifles, made up equipment from A echelon.

16/5/15 Capt R G Proby, 2nd/Lieut T F Buxton and F C Meyer arrived from B echelon during night. Capt Proby took command of C Sqn. 2nd/Lieut Buxton was posted to MG section and 2nd/Lieut Meyer was appointed acting adjutant. Regiment rested, rifle and kit inspection. Equipment made up. The following was read to the Regiment on parade by the OC. "The Brigadier wishes to express his great admiration for the part played by each regiment in the attack made by the Brigade to regain lost trenches and his sympathy with the regiments for the loss of so many valuable lives in all ranks by driving the Germans out, who during the retreat suffered great losses from our artillery and by preventing them from consolidating their position in the trenches that they had captured, the Brigade had undoubtedly saved the situation. Had the Germans attained their object, the position of the whole 27th Infantry Division on the right would have been rendered very precarious. As it was the Germans retired so great a distance that we were enabled to establish an unbroken line during the night unmolested. The behaviour of the Sqn which maintained its position in the ruined houses although cut off until after dark and its subsequent withdrawal in good order was especially meritorious.

The following message has been received from the GOC 2nd Army. "Express my appreciation of the magnificent spirit shown by the troops today and the way they have stuck to their positions."

The following message has been received from the CinC of the Allied Forces. " Gen Joffre expresses to the Lieut Gen Commanding 5th Corps his admiration and congratulations on the gallant stand they have made."
Signed H R Bethell
Bde Maj 8th Cav Bde

The following NCO's and men are especially commended for their conduct during the action of 13th instant:-
Maj A Roddick for the pace and dash with which he led the attacks.
Capt E A Ruggles Brise, Lieut R A Thomson, Sgt Howard, L/Cpl Wardill, Pte Smy, for their gallantry in holding an advanced position in some ruined houses until dark and after they had been cut off.
Cpl Frost, Pte's Schwier, Johnson and Dean for stretcher bearing under heavy fire.
Pte's Abbott and Wear for bravery and coolness in action.
Pte's Holland and Bates for useful reconnaissance and coolness in action.
The following are also mentioned as having been noticed doing especially good work:-
Sgt Hoodge Sgt Pritchard Sgt Ledger
Sgt Walker Cpl Bird Cpl Bosworth
L/Cpl Turnell L/Cpl Seabrook L/Cpl Rex
Pte Connell Pte Holton Pte Manning
Pte Middlecoat Pte Smart F Pte Skinner
Pte Tompkins Pte Anning

Major Buxton addressing the Regiment said that there were no doubt many men whose conduct during action had been worthy of special mention. The difficulty of selecting names , the impossibility of seeing all the acts of gallantry and bravery had almost decided him not to send in any names.

17/5/15 Wet day. Parade 3pm for exercise 2nd/Lt C J Round returned to B echelon. Brigade with one Battalion of 151 Infantry Brigade constituted 2nd mobile reserve. Degree of readiness 45 minutes. Search party went out to look for Colonel and others missing, no result.

18/5/15 Wet day 8am - 7pm. 10 shells each time. No damage. 11.30am parade for exercise. Lt Thomson left for B echelon. 2nd/Lt's Gilbey and Tufnell joined regiment from B echelon. From 7pm Brigade with one Battalion 151 Brigade constituted 1st mobile reserve. Degree of readiness 20 minutes.

19/5/15 Exercise Brigade becomes 2nd mobile reserve at 8am.

20/5/15 7am 50 men to Ypres to make up main road 10am relieved by another 50. First relief and reainder of Regiment made dug outs near huts 7pm. 100 men to Ypres for trench digging but were not required. Returned 9.30pm. 10 shells in town about 8pm.

21/5/15 Dug outs completed. Paraded 7.45 to embus and return to billets at Le Croquet arrived about 2pm.

Le Croquet

22/5/15 A and C squadrons changed billets.

23/5/15Voluntary church parade at Blaringhem

24/5/15 Squadron arrangements. Kit and saddling cleaned.Parade of horses for casting. Armourer inspected rifles of A Squadron.

25/5/15 Squadron arrangements. Armourer inspected rifles of B and C Squadrons. Pte McCarthy awarded 7 days field punishment for disobeying orders.

26/5/15 Parade of transport 9.30am for inspection by Brigade Transport Officer. 11.30 Regiment less transport paraded full marching order GOC Division (Maj Gen Briggs) inspected them.

27/5/15 Regiment paraded dismounted at 10am for route march. 9.30pm received notification that 3rd Cav Div would take over part of trenches NE of Ypres on night of 29th and 30th.

28/5/15 Maj G G Gold returned and took over command of the Regiment. Lieut Wedd went with staff Captain to recce roads through Ypres. Lieut C N Gilbey went up at 6.30 to take over trenches.

29/5/15 Following officers and men embussed at 11.30 to proceed to trenches, Maj Buxton, Capt Proby, 2nd Lieut Buxton, 2nd Lieut Tufnell and Lieut White (RAMC).
45 OR's from A Sqn
35 OR's from B Sqn
40 OR's from C Sqn
10 OR's from machine gun section


This party went as a Squadron and on arrival at debussing point was attached to 7th Cav Bde. They marched from Vlamertinghe to the ramparts at Ypres between the Sallyport the Pont-de Lille. Machine gun section was attached to 2nd Life Guards and marched to trenches E of Zillebeke. MG section of Yorkshire Hussars (Lieut Preston and 26 men) joined B Echelon and were attached for duty and rations.

30/5/15 Heavily shelled all day. One man wounded. Working party at night to clean up Ecole de Bienfaisance.

31/5/15 Rifle and respirator inspection. Maj H F Wickham 1st King's Dragoon Guards appointed to command Regiment. Four wounded men from action of 13th returned to duty.

1/6/15 Working party at 8.45pm of 50 men to Zouave Wood. Remainder made sandbag rampart for cellars. Maj Wickham arrived at B Echelon Blaringhem to take command.

2/6/15 Heavy shelling in morning. Working party of 60 men to trenches S of Hooge at 8.30pm.

3/6/15 Working party of 30 men at 8.30pm to convey knife rests for infantry in Hooge trenches. Alarm 9pm to 12am on account of gas shell falling by Ecole de Biefaisance. Respirators put on. No gas noticed by the Regiment.

4/6/15 B Echelon. Inspection of Yorkshire Hussars detachment 10.30am. Inspection of B Sqn horses 2.30pm.

5/6/15 Relieved at 4pm by HAC. Marched to B huts at Vlamertinghe and slept there. B Echelon inspected by CO of horses of A and C Sqns.
SSM's Driver and Archer discharged on receiving commissions in 3/1st EY.

6/6/15 Trench party returned to billets by bus. Leave granted.


7/6/15 Maj Buxton assumed command of C Sqn.
Lieut Preston assumed command of MG Sections.


9/6/15 Parade of horses for casting by GOC Division at Brigade Headquarters. Pte Hallet F W discharged on receiving commission in ASC.

10/6/15 Inspection of MG Section by CO.

11/6/15 Working party of 100 men to dig trenches at La Bell Hotesse with a view to practice in bomb throwing and shooting trench mortar.

12/6/15 CO inspected Sqns in full marching order at following times, C 8.30, B 10.00, A 11.30.
Draft of 2 officers (2nd Lieuts Chaplin and Rose) and 180 men and 53 horses arrived and were allotted to Sqns.

13/6/15 Inspection of remounts.

14/6/15 Parties of 3 officers and 36 ORs for instruction in trench mortars

15/6/15 Party of 3 officers and 60 ORs for instruction in bombing. Trench mortar instructions. Inspection of horses by ADVS.


17/6/15 Regiment standing to under 1 hour 40 minutes notice from 6am. Regiment with A Echelon paraded in full marching order for inspection by OC.
Bombing and trench mortar parties.

18/6/15 The CinC inspected the Brigade dismounted at 12 noon. Addressed them briefly thanking the men for the gallant conduct of all ranks, especially on May 13th at Ypres. He especially condoled with the Essex Yeomanry on the loss of their Colonel.
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