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War Diary Part 2

History - EY History

Part 2- June 1915 - April 1916

by Col S Foakes TD DL

19/6/15 The Regiment including A Echelon inspected by GOC 8th Cavalry Brigade in full marching order. The following officers joined :-
Capt M L Yeatherd 7th Hussars as Adjutant
2/Lt D Morgan
2/Lt E C L Pelly
2/Lt F D Balfour
2/Lt R C Weatherby
2/Lt J K Swire
No 174 SSM Howard W C was awarded the DCM

20/6/15 Divine Service

21-23/6/15 Squadron training. Commencement of stretcher bearers class

24/6/15 Squadron training. Machine Gun scheme under Brigadier.

25/6/15 Squadron training. Inspection of B Echelon transport by OC ASC 3rd Cav Div. Bridging party at Guarlingham under Brigade arrangements.

26/6/15 Squadron training. Squadron Leaders attended lecture by Brigadier. Regimental Headquarters arrived from Le Croquet to Blaringhem village.

27/6/15 Divine service


28/6/15 Squadron training. Pioneer class (4 men per Squadron) started.

29/6/15 Squadron training.

30/6/15 Squadron training.

1/7/15 Road blocking schemes by C Squadron for inspection by Brigadier.

2/7/15 Court martial of Pte Barrow

3/7/15 Hot baths for the Regiment at Wardrecques factory

4/7/15 Lectures to officers by ADMS

5/7/15 Signalling class (16) commenced. C Squadron paraded under orders of Brigadier.

6/7/15 2/Lt F C Meyer appointed Regimental Transport Officer vice Lt Sayer 2 Sergeants from KDG for purposes of instruction. Capt E Ruggles Brise
awarded the Military Cross.

7/7/15 2/Lt Pelly and 2 OR's proceeded to Berthen for trench howitzer course.


9/7/15 Inspection of A Echelon loaded by OC ASC 3rd Cav Div.

10/7/15 Regimental scheme under OC

11/7/15 Concert in school. Lt Wedd and 64 men embussed at 9am to proceed to Sailly for trench digging. Hot baths at Wardrecques.


13/7/15 Capt Yeatherd (Adjt) invalided home.

14/7/15 CO visited trench digging party at Sailly



17/7/15 Received orders to furnish digging party of 132


19/7/15 Class formed under 2/Lt Pelly for instruction in use of bombs and explosives.

20/7/15 2 digging parties left (a) Neuve Eglise under Maj Gold 4 officers and 132 men (b) Elverdinghe under Maj Buxton 4 officers and 165 men. Both parties went by bus. Staff ride under GOC Brigade for remaining officers.



23/7/15 CO visited working party at Elverdinghe.

24/7/15 1 officer and 100 men returned from Neauve Eglise. No casualties.


26/7/15 Maj Buxton's party returned from Elverdinghe. 1 man slightly wounded in wrist.

27/7/15 Hot bath for Regiment at Wardrecques

28/7/15 Regimental outpost scheme



31/7/15 2 Sergeant instructors from KDG returned to their Regiment.


2/8/15 Bank holiday. Regimental sports mounted and dismounted

3/8/15 Regimental outpost scheme for inspection by GOC Brigade

4/8/15 Regiment moved billeting area about 20 miles S. Billets allotted as follows:-
Headquarters Matringhem
A Squadron Lugy
C Squadron Matringhem
B Squadron Hezecques
MG section Senlis
All villages along valley of River Lys. Very hilly country. No water or pasture except in river valleys. Hills all cultivated. Open country. No fences.



6/8/15 Regimental scheme under CO

7/8/15 Following promotions in orders extracted from Gazette:-
Maj Wickham promoted Lt Col (Temp)
Lt Wedd promoted Capt (Temp)
Lt Thomson promoted Capt (Temp)


9/8/15 Regimental scheme observation posts on convoy

10/8/15 Signalling class instructed in linesman work by OC 8th Signal Troops

11/8/15 Advance party of 8 OR's left to prepare billets for digging party at Armentieres


13/8/15 Following party left for trench digging at Armentieres. Capt Ruggles Brise 2 Officers 100 OR's

14/8/15 Maj Hill rejoined

15/8/15 3 Officers 93 OR's joined digging party at Armentieres


17/8/15 Lecture by Maj A B Cator (Scots Guards) on trench warfare to all officers of Brigade at Bomy

18/8/15 MG detachment field firing

19/8/15 All claims settled agreements for hire of land paid at Blaringhem


21/8/15 Following 2/Lt's appointed Lt's (Temp)
C N Gilbey Nov 4th 1914
H P Holt Dec 28th 1914
S J Tufnell Dec 28th 1914
J C Chaplin Dec 28th 1914
J K Swire Aug 18th 1915
T F Buxton Aug 18th 1915
F C Meyer Aug 18th 1915

22/8/15 Capt J Macathur AVC transferred to 2nd Cav Bde


24/8/15 Digging party returned from Armentieres at 24.00, no casualties


26/8/15 B Squadron and MG field firing near Lisbourg

27/8/15 Regimental all day scheme near Lebiez. Horses picketed down on plough for practise before returning. Sgt Smith (Orderly Room Sgt) transferred to England to take up commission in ASC

28/8/15 Capt Wedd takes party of 60 men from Div (10 from EY) to Lamotte to cut wood

29/8/15 Lt White, the doctor, fell from horse, taken to hospital

30/8/15 Field firing scheme near Crepy to practise advance guard patrols, picketing roads, ambush, wood fighting and dismounted attack on hill. Very successful day.

1/9/15 Field firing scheme near Lisbourg by C Sqn in presence of COC Division.


3/9/15 Rained without stopping all day. Capt Stork RAMC arrived to take over duties of MO

5/9/15 Revolver and sword competitions for Officers and Sergeants

6/9/15 Brigade training commenced

7/9/15 Maj Whitmore rejoined unit


9/9/15 2 officers and 4 NCO's per squadron attended demonstration in gassing use of smoke helmets at Brigade Headquarters

10/9/15 Lt Col Wickham relinquishes command and goes to take command of 10th Hussars. Maj Whitmore assumes command. Regiment warned to set a guard for two spies in a motor car.

11/9/15 Divisional scheme advance and flank guards



14/9/15 Brigade day full marching order. A & B echelon everything packed short scheme.


16/9/15 Regimental scheme Reclingheme Verchin

17/9/15 B Squadron sports Brigade night scheme. RV 23:30 at Beaumetz marched 7 miles. Sieged high ground NE of Palfort. Rectified positions at dawn returned about 08.00.

18/9/15 Draft of 34 horses arrived

19/9/15 Voluntary church parade

20/9/15 Preliminary warning of move. Surplus kit sent to store at Fruges. Everything packed up.

21/9/15 Regiment paraded in full marching order with A & B echelons and left billeting area. Brigade RV was at X roads near Fontaine-les-Hermans at 13.30. But owing to block of roads and difficulties of watering, the regiment did not arrive till 17.15. B echelon went to Westrehem under divisional ASC arrangements. The Brigade moved off again at 17.30. EY leading and arrived at Lapucnoy about 20.45. Bivouaced for the night in the Bois- des - dames. A echelon about 23.45.

Bois- des-Dames

22/9/15 Day spent in cleaning up and building shelters and generally improving the camp.

23/9/15 Practised dismounted attack all B ammunition sent into ammunition column and other kind drawn to replace. Respirators handed in each man has 2 smoke helmets with 1 tube. Working party of 10 under Sgt Holland sent up to Vermelles. A wet night.

24/9/15 Lts Tufnell and Chaplin sent out to recce cavalry routes. CO and Sqn leaders also recce'd country towards Noeux-les- mines. Working party of 20 men under Lt Gilbey sent to Vermelles but not met by an RE officer so could do nothing. Orders issued 20.30 as to RV and line of march.

Near Vermelles

25/9/15 Saddled up and ready to move by 05.30 and started at 08.30. Order of march RHG, 10th Hussars, EY. Halted at Vaudricourt about an hour. News arrives that Loos and Hulluch have been taken. Latter incorrect. Moved on via Noeux-les-mines keeping on cavalry tracks. Arrived at Philosphe S of Vermelles about 14.00. Brigade in field surrounded by English guns. Noise terrific. Wounded coming through all the while, saw about 700 prisoners bought through.Poured with rain every one wet through. No shelter for men or means of cooking. Regimental HQ in empty house. Orders to be saddled up by about 05.30.

26/9/15 Orders arrive 03.30. Saddle up and get ready to move at once. Ready by 04.30 but nothing happened all morning. News not so good. The road crowded with stragglers coming back from the trenches. About 14.00 warned to be ready to proceed dismounted to the trenches. Make necessary arrangements. No reserve specialists (signallers machine gunners) to be taken. About 15.00 horses were moved back about 1000 yards a few shells were dropped not very far off. 18.30 order to get ready to go up on foot to the trenches. Orders to occupy a part of the German trench until guards arrive. Not known whether trench occupied or not. Moved off about 19.00. Guns on packs no other horses. Tools carried by men. A Sqn leading Lt Gilbey and troops as advanced guard. Very heavy shelling and firing going on. When the column was several hundred yards from the fire trenches it was met by the Brigade Major who stated that the Regiment would not be required so it was marched back to the horses arriving there shortly after 21.00 no casualties.

27/9/15 At 00.30 orders received to get ready to proceed at once to the trenches leaving 1 man to 4 horses guns on packs tools in limbers water cart in rear of Regiment. Order of march EY RHG 10th Hussars marched off about 01.45 halted at top of hills about where Germans first line of trenches had been before the attack. Took tools off limbers and six boxes of SAA per Sqn. Men filled bottles from water carts. Marched on into Loos in G36C and M6A. 2 guides from 3rd DG's showed the way. It was about 04.15 by the time the Regiment began to take over and was light before this was completed. The MG section which was left in the village unloading from packs did not reach the trenches till daylight and was heavily sniped coming up.1 man of C Sqn who was carrying belt boxes Pte Squirrel was killed and 1 wounded. The dispositions were as follows Bde HQ in Loos, EY HQ and Support Sqn (A) at the SE extremity of Loos in some houses known as the "Garden City" in G35D part were in cellars and part were in trench just SE end of the double slag heap and railway in G36C their trench running from NE to SW with them were 3 MG's, on their left on the ground below were the RHG, the line bending sharply back to the N on the right of B and C Sq. their trench running due S from the edge of the slag heap to the chalk pit in M6A. On the right C were some details of the 140th Bde, mostly the 20th London Regiment(TF). The trenches taken over had only been dug for the most part by the 3rd DG during the night. In places they were not more than shoulder high. They were not properly traversed and the fire positions were poor. There was one very shallow communication trench leading to the support about 30 yards in rear which was also incomplete. The B Sqn trenches being on the slag were not only incomplete but also very difficult to improve. The slag was constantly falling in , and even where the parapets stood, they afforded little protection against snipers. 2/Lt Pelly was shot in the wrist and shoulder through the parapet. There were no gun positions on arrival. There was no support in communication trench behind B Sqn although very tired all ranks at once set to work to improve the positions and before nightfall a great deal of useful work had been done. During the morning Capt Brise was wounded by a shell which burst a few feet from him and 2/Lt Swire was deafened by the same explosion. 2/Lt Pelly and 2 men were hit by snipers. A great deal of sniping was going on from a patch of gorse and shrub on the right of C Sqn. A successful attack by the 140th Bde cleared this in the afternoon. After this it was possible to walk from the fire trench to the support in comparative safety. Loos was shelled very heavily at intervals throughout the day. Special attention being paid to the Pylon Tower at night 2 working parties of the 10th Hussars who were in support in the village and from the 3rd Field Sqn RE were detailed to assist the Regiment's 2 parties to put out wire in front of the trenches. The other assisted to dig a communication trench from the fire trench to the support a distance of some 500 yards. The Regiment was also working all night but no real attack was made on the positions held by the brigade . Rations were dumped on the Vermelles-Lens road about 03.00 and were taken up to the trenches without casualties.

28/9/15 During the morning a search was made in the cellars of Loos and a number of Germans were discovered and made prisoners. The wounded of the regiment has been brought in overnight but they were not evacuated till the morning. A telephone wire has also been laid from Brigade HQ to the RHG and thence to via B Sqn to RHQ. It was possible to cook some tea and bacon for the trench party. During the afternoon an attack was made on Hill 70 by some units of the Guards Division. The MG's of the Regiment under Lt Preston co-operated with flank and overhead fire finding several good targets at long range. As soon as it was dark the Regiment began to work again on the communication trench and support trenches. But it was a pouring wet night and this together with the fatigued condition of the men and the difficult nature of the soil which was mostly chalk made progress very slow. About 9pm the order came that the Regiment would be relieved by a battalion of the 1st Division. About 11.30 2 companies of the 9th King's Liverpool Regiment (TF) arriving to take over but owning to the non arrival of the MG's of the Battalion, Lt Preston and 3 gunners were obliged to remain behind.

28/9/15 The remainder of the Regiment marched out of Loos in the poring rain about 01.30.


29/9/15 During the absence of the trench party, the horses of the Brigade had been moved a little further back beyond Noyelles-les - vermelles. The trench party arrived back about 04.00 and were provided with hot soup and hot water and rum. Almost immediately the order came to saddle up and move off. There was some delay in this and Brigade did not actually move much before 07.00 arriving in its new billeting area about 10.30. The village allotted to EY was Gosnay and it was found possible to billet the whole Regiment in the tenements of the mining population. The rest of the day was spent in sleep and washing. The horses were altogether in a filed close by.

30/9/15 The regiment paraded at 11.30 dismounted and CO addressed them. He congratulated all ranks on the splendid way they had stuck to their work and informed them that the Brigadier was delighted with what had been done. The rest of the day was spent in cleaning up. The MG section returned under Lt Preston no casualties.

1/10/15 About 14.00 the Regiment changed billets moving to Labeuvriere about 2 miles away . Capt T Knowles Jackson 13th Hussars joined the Regiment and took over the duties of adjutant. S/Lt Tuczek from the 3/1st Regiment arrived from B echelon with a party of men some of them forming part of a draft which had accompanied him from England.


2/10/15 Bombing practise and instruction in bombing attack was carried out under the supervision of Brigadier and CO

3/10/15 Church service for Bde at Bde Bde HQ at 10.00. Immediately afterwards Bde was ordered to move. We retired to the area near Lillers. The Regiment in Hurionville with one Sqn C close to Burbune


4/10/15 No news of any description the day was employed in exercise and general clear up. A heavy bombardment was heard during the afternoon and evening.

5/10/15 Heavy rain during afternoon and evening. C Sqn practises during half hours cessation of rain.

6/10/15 Fine day exercise and bombing.

7/10/15 Dismounted attack in practise trenches near Windmills in Hurionville-Bellery road owing to the marked preference displayed for this area in the mornings by Bdes. The place received the name of the "The Playground".

8/10/15 Similar attack practised by Sqn's over same ground. Bayonet and rifle exercise in afternoon.

9/10/15 Regimental scheme dismounted. C Sqn with HQ and MG's took up position near Windmills and were attacked by A and B Sqn's. There was great improvement in the method of attack.

10/10/15 Voluntary church parade at 11.45. CO left for England on days leave to bring out officer reinforcements. draft of 4 men and 6 horses arrived about 17.00 weather fine and milder.

11/10/15 Dismounted attack on the Playground. Practise in counter attack. Points noticed were communicated to Officers and Sergeants by the Divisional Commander. The Regiment played the RAMC at football and beat them 3-2. 2/Lt Windle arrived to join the regiment.

12/10/15 Regimental drill quick siting of trenches and map reading for officers.

13/10/15 Brigade Day round Ferfay. Practise in crossing bridges and passing defiles. Dismounted attack.

14/10/15 Regimental paraded jumping trenches and inspection of MG Det by OC.

15/10/15 Convoy scheme very foggy morning and convoy escorted by A Sqn and MG succeeded in getting through fairly easily. CO returned in the evening with 4 officers, lT's Horsfall, Bruce, Chaplin and Batters.

16/10/15 Sqn parades inspection of billets by CO in afternoon. CO's promotion to Lt Col in Gazette published 15th inst.

17/10/15 Church parade at 11.45. Inspection of ground for scheme tomorrow. Draft of 2 men and 7 horses arrived in afternoon.

18/10/15 Attack in trenches and bombing operations after 1st line had been carried. Place Raimbert attack carried out by RHG first then 10th followed by EY.

19/10/15 Marched back westward to old billets in Matringhem at present the Regt is only in Matringhem and Vincly.


20/10/15 CO rode round billeting area and inspected chateau at Wandonne with a view to moving Regt Hq .

21 & 22/10/15 Cleaning out stabling and billets and getting horses under cover. Weather fine but cold.

23/10/15 11 OR's , 2 chargers and 4 horses ® arrived from Rouen disinfecting machine arrived.

24/10/15 the Regt is now billeted as follows:-
HQ & MG Section Matringhem
A Sqn Capelklle-sur-la - Lys & Reclinghem
B Sqn Vincly
C Sqn Senlis
Church at Vincly 14.15 wet

25/10/15 GOC 3rd Cav Div rode around billeting area of Regt. CO afterwards in company of GOC and staff attended 500th Anniversary of Battle of Agincourt.

26/10/15 Inspection of billets by CO

27-30/10/15 Almost continuous rain improvement of billets and stabling and disinfecting of same carried out daily. 1 horse ( R ) arrived on 30/10/15.

31/10/15 Church at Vincly wet. Capt Benson RAMC arrived to be attached (temp) vice Capt Stork in hospital in England

1/11/15 First party of 20 men under Capt E P W Wedd proceeded to Wallon-Capel to dig trenches. Lt F C Meyer and Pte Ansell left for Cav Corps Lumbres for a 6 week signalling course.


3/11/15 Lt N J Tufnell and 2/Lt L C Chaplin took 75 OR to join Capt Wedd for digging at Wallon-Capel. The above 3 days were very wet 1st , 2nd and 3rd.

4/11/15 Fine and warmer

5/11/15 3rd Cav Div 1st Staff ride

6/11/15 CO visited digging party with GOC 3rd Cav Div

7/11/15 Early service at Matringhem

8/11/15 CO inspects ground in neighbourhood of Laires and Beaumetz-les Aire for Regtkl Staff Ride.

9/11/15 Regtl Staff Ride

10/11/15 GOC 8th Cav Bde inspects troop and section leaders of B Sqn at Vincly subject lectures by section leaders. There has been a lot of rain the last 2 or 3 days.

11/11/15 News received that 3rd Cav Duiv would move billets about 17th inst to district SW of Fruges. Rain.

12/11/15 Rain

13/11/15 Wet morning. CO inspects transport of the Regt 9am

14/11/15 Sunday new area allotted to Regts at Bde HQ. Evening service 18.30 Matringhem. Draft of 25OR and 3 horses ( R ) joined Regt.

15/11/15 Adjt and QM proceed to new area to allot billets to Sqns. Sharp frost overnight. Fine day with bright sun. Billets fair accomodation, for horses indifferent.

16/11/15 Heavy fall of snow overnight. Sqn billeting parties proceeded to new area final preparations for the move.

17/11/15 Regt paraded at 08.30 and marched to Embry via Fruges about 11.30. Roads slippery in places but B Echelon arrived about 13.30 Blues and 10th Royal Hussars unable to find room in their areas so moved into billets vacated by the Regt temporarlly. Position of Regt night of 17th and 18th as follows:-
HQ A Sqn nd MG in Embry
B Sqn in St Denoeux
C Sqn in Humbert

18/11/15 Shartp frost overnight road very treacherous in the morning. Thaw set in in afternoon followed by sharp frost again at night.

19-22/11/15 Exercise when roads permit. Bombing lectures. Kit inspection. Physical drill and bayonet exercise. Orders received to form a dismounted Sqn for trenches. Route march.

23/11/15 CO inspected dismounted Sqn at Pottier. Futther notes and instructions issued.

24/11/15 Quick thaw set in overnight. Snow almost gone . Short mounted scheme by A Sqn between Embry and St Denoeux. Bombing lecture to officers bt 2/Lt Winter Rose in the afternnoon.

25/11/15 C Sqn road reports, and road recce scheme between Humbert and Huqueliers. Bombing lectures to all NCO's of dismounted Sqns and also to 27 Regtl bombers by 2/Lt Winter Rose and Weatherby.

26/11/15 Convoy scheme, C Sqn and MG with convoy attached by A & B close to main Hucqueliers-Fruges road. Bombing lectures as above.

27/11/15 GOC and Capt Colmore came to lunchand inspected the bombers in the trenches St Denoeux with live bombs and also practise in throwing without detonators. Hard frost over night and freezing nearly all day.

28/11/15 Froze all day

29/11/15 Milder but roads very treacherous. 10th RH and RHG moved into this area today. C Sqn therefore moved from Humbert and took over their original billets in Boubers and Pottier. Vet lecture by Lt Davis AVC in Embry 14.30.

30/11/15 Vet lecture by Lt Davis at Boubers 14.30. Sqn parades

1/12/15 Mounted scheme by A Sqn round Rimboval in the morning. Scheme with live bombs and MG at St Denoeux in the afternoon.

2/12/15 New bombing class starts CO visits digging party at Wallon Capel.

3/12/15 Trench laid out and started for gas demonstration on 7th

4/12/15 Reinforcements arrived 3 OR, 2 horses ( R ) owing to rain little progress made with trench.

5/12/15 Church service at Embry school at 11.00 also 18.00. Digging continued on trench.

6/12/15 Revetting and flooring of trench finishes. Lantern slide lecture by Capt J S Gibbs CF and concert at Embry 18.30.

7/12/15 Gas demonstration by an officer from GHQ laboratory at Embry 12.00 for 8th Cav Bde

8/12/15 Turn out of dismounted Sqn under maj Buxton DSO at Boubers 14.30.

9/12/15 Sqn Parades. Lecture by Lt Davis AVC on causes of debility Embry 14.30.

10/12/15 Scheme for officers and NCO's and signallers between Embry and Montreuil. Pouring wet morning.

11/12/15 Sqn parades. Continuous rain and gale of wind.

12/12/15 Fine morning colder. Church service Embry 18.30.

13/12/15 Sqn parades. Orders for relief of digging party received.

14/12/15 Digging party relieved 162 all ranks went up to Wallen Capel and 5p returned. Capt Wedd remains up in command and Lt Gilbey, Preston and Horsfall went up with party.

15/12/15 Capt Grove-White RAMC takes over medical charge of the regiment. 2/Lt Balfour and No 882 Cpl Brown B Sqn proceed to St Venant for trench mortar course.

16/12/15 Subaltern officers employed in making plans of trenches close to Le - Bouillet-ferme

17/12/15 Sqn parades

18/12/15 GOC 8th Cav Bde inspected one troop of dismounted company and all available transport 10 other ranks, and 5 horses ( R ) arrived from Rouen.

19/12/15 Church service at Embry 18.00 Rev C F Pickard. Mallein test for all horses in the regiment

20/12/15 Inspection of horses by VO after Mallein test

21/12/15 Inspection of horses by VO after Mallein test




25/12/15 Xmas day. CO visited Xmas dinners. Holy Communion and Choral service at Embry 10.00 (Capt J S Gibbs CF)

26/12/15 Church service at Embry 18.30. Capt J S Gibbs CF. 1 other rank and 1 horse ( R ) taken on strength.


28/12/15 Orders to "stand to" received for dismounted company.

29/12/15 Orders received that dismounted battalion will entrain at Montreuil on Jan 1st 1916. B Sqn dismounted platoon inspected by CO.

30/12/15 A and C Sqns dismounted platoons inspected by CO. Concert and Lantern lecture by Capt J S Gibbs at Embry.

31/12/15 Final arrangements of despatch of dismounted company. MG sections of dismounted battalion entrained at Maresquel for lillers orders received that dismounted battallion will now entrain at Maresquel at 10.30 Jan 3rd 1916.

1/1/16 MG section of the dismounted battalion left Maresquel for Lillers at 12.16. 60 men per Sqn and 20 from HQ visited the entertainment given in Montreuil by the supply column players.

2/1/16 Orders for departure of dismounted battalion received . Church service in school at Embry 18.30.

3/1/16 8th Dismounted battalion entrained at Maresquel for Bethune at 10.30 and left at 12.16.

4/1/16 CO inspected the billets of B Sqn and MG Section

5/1/16 MO inspected the billets of C and A Sqns. Maj Gen Vaughan met OC EY and North Somerset Yeomanry at former HQ in Embry to discuss questions of extra 100 men that had not yet arrived.

6/1/16 The officers commanding the 3 Yeomanry regiments in the 3rd Cav Div left for England to make representations on the urgency of reinforcements. Inspection of billets and sanitary arrangements by ADMS 3rd Cav Div in afternoon.



9/1/16 2/Lt Tuczek left for signals Cav Corps for a course of signalling.


11/1/16 Casualty report from 8th dismounted batallion of 9th inst received. EY dismounted No 1645 Pte Bradford W J, C Sqn accidently 9/1/16. 1 OR wounded.

12/1/16 Arrival of Lts V T G hine and J K swire with 81 OR from Colchester via Rouen



15/1/16 1 horse and ( R ) arrived from base.

16/1/16 Church service in Embry 12.15. Capt J S Gibbs CF

17/1/16 Following casualties reported from 8th dismounted brigade bering date 14/1/16:-
No 1855 Pte Jowers - A Sqn wounded and died of wounds
no 1970 Pte Eade J A - A Sqn killed

Lt F C Meyer relieved Capt W A P Stokes 10th RH as signalling officer to 8th Dismounted Battalion.
Lt E J Sayer QM was relieved by Capt C E Harford RHG.
Capt R G Proby relieved Capt R A Thomson as 2i/c of EY dismounted company.

18/1/16 The CO inspected the horses of A Sqn in their billets.

19/1/16 The CO inspected the horses of C Sqn in billets. Building was started of a regimental grenade magazine.
During the above 2 days the last draft were inspected by the CO with a view to comparing their knowledge with that of the men who have been with the regiment some little while.

20/1/16 The CO inspected the horses of B Sqn in their billets at St Denouex

21-22/1/16 Lt V T G Hine proceeded to 8th dismounted Sqn to relieve Lt F D Balfour. The CO inspected the horses of MG and HQ also the Waltham Troop C Sqn. 1 OR and 11 horses arrived from Rouen.

23/1/16 The following relief went up to EY dismounted company today:-
Maj E Hill
Lts JC Chaplin and J K Swire
2/lt Winter- Rose and 44 other ranks. The weather has been gradually improving during the last few days.

24/1/16 Maj Buxton, Lts Gilbey and Tufnell and 2/Lt Weatherby returned from Bethune after being relieved with 44 OR


26/1/16 2/Lt Morgan and 1 OR proceeded to bethune to join 8th dismounted brigade
27/1/16 3 OR Signallers proceeded to Bethune to join 8th Dismounted Brigade.
Lt Col Yardley Cav Corps cast 16 horses belonging to the regiment. Orders for relief of HQ 8th Dismounted Batallion received.

28/1/16 2/Lt R W Bruce and 1 OR proceeded to Bethune to join 8th Dismounted Battalion. 2/Lt L C Chaplin and 1 OR returned to unit from 8th Dismounted Battalion.

29/1/16 Capt Parker member of FG Court Martial at 2nd Life Guards Huquelier. Order recived for relief of HQ of 8th Dismounted Battalion.

30/1/16 Maj Gold, Capt Adjt Jackson and remainder of HQ staff proceeded in relief HQ 8th Dismounted Battalion. Divine Service at C Sqn HQ reinforcements 3 men 2 riding horses received 2/Lts Horsfall and L C Chaplin rejoined from 8th Dismounted Battalion

31/1/16 16 horses evacuated to 20th MVS under order of ADR. Capt J O Parker member of Court Martial at HQ 8th Cav Bde. Lt Col F H D C Whitmore proceeded to take over command of 8th Dismounted Battalion at Labourse and 1 OR.

1/2/16 Lt F C Meyer and 3 OR returned from 8th Battalion. Lt Col F H D C Whitmore in command of 8th Battalion was admitted to hospital in Bethune. Lt Col H F Wickham 10th RH was recalled to take over again.

2/2/16 The OC inspected the horses of B Sqn at St Denoeux

3/2/16 The OC inspected the horses of A Sqn at Embry.

4/2/16 The OC inspected the horses of MG detachment at Embry

5/2/16 Inter Sqn iron plate shooting match. Maj E A Ruggles Brise arrived from England also 2 OR and 2 ( R ) horses from Rouen


7/2/16 The OC inspected the horses of C Sqn and some of the horses of A Sqn


9/2/16 The OC inspected the horses of the MG section

10/2/16 Capt E P W Wedd on appointment to staff captaincy in 1st Group Heavy Artillery is struck off the strength of the regiment.

11/2/16 The 8th battalion returned to mounted units arriving at Maresquel at about 22.45.

12/2/16 1 OR and 15 horses ( R ) arrived today from Rouen

13/2/16 Holy Communion at St Denoeux at 07.30. Evensong Embry at 18.30.

14/2/16 The period from this date until next Saturday 19th inst is by order of the Brigadier to be spent in getting horses groomed, and fit making up clothes and equipment, getting saddlery in order again and generally cleaning up and refitting. Concert in the school at Embry night of 14th Lantern Leccture by Capt J S Gibbs first appearance of the Essex Yeomanry band. Maj G Gold came to RHQ and took over duties of 2 i/c.

15/2/16 Lt H P Holt arrived from from England with 2 officers for instruction 2/Lt B F Wilmer and 2/Lt Richardson.

16/2/16 No 2066 Pte Passiful L H A Sqn reported died of wounds on 2/2/16



19/2/16 Lecture by GOC 3rd Cav Div on the work of the British Cavalry during the war at the school Embry 15.30. 4 OR and 3 horses ( R ) arrived from Rouen.

20/2/16 Regimental signal troop formed under Lt F C Meyer. Evensong at St Deneoux 17.30.
No 1370 L/Cpl L Cook awarded the DCM
Special message received from GOC 1st Corps thanking the cavalry for the work they did in the trenches during the 6 weeks they held a position of the line.

21/2/16 Concert in the school at Embry 18.00.


23/2/16 inspection of billets by ADMS Cav Corps. Special orders issued to prevent measles spreading in the regiment

24/2/16 Sqn parades. Troop training all leaves stopped

25/2/16 Snq parades. Troop training

26/2/16 Sqn parades Troop training

27/2/16 15 OR and 3 officers chargers arrived from Rouen

28/2/16 Sqn parades

29/2/16 Sqn parades

1/3/16 Sqn parades

2/3/16 Sqn parades. Inspection in marching order of MG Section by CO

3/3/16 The MG detachment is struck off the strength of the regiment on the formation of the NG Sqn. It includes Lt T Preston Y H and 2/Lt W P Batters EY 66 OR, 70 horses ( R ), 24 horses (LD), limber waggons 6. Guns vickers 4 and bicycles 2. Sqn parades as usual. Lecture by Divisional Commander at Rimboval at 15.00. Brigade ordered to change billets with 1st Brigade on Sunday 5th inst

4/3/16 The order to change billets was cancelled today. Sqn parades as per programme.

5/3/16 Holy Communion at Embry 09.00.

6/3/16 Sqn parades bombing instruction for subaltern officers. No 753 Sgt E A Abbott A Sqn was awarded the DCM

7/3/16 Sqn parades. There was heavy fall of snow during the night. A special order from the Corps Commander on the dissolution of the Cavalry Corps was published in orders.

8/3/16 Sqn parades. Heavy fall of snow.

9/3/16 Sqn parades

10/3/16 Sqn parades CO inspected C Sqn at sword drill. Examination of shoeing smiths under Capt Davis AVC

11/3/16 Sqn parades

12/3/16 Church Parade at St Denoeux 11.00 break in the weather much warmer. Period of troop training extended until Saturday 18th

13/3/16 A fine warm day. Sqn Parades. Lecture by GOC 8th Cav Bde on Hotchkiss rifle at Humbert at 15.30.

14/3/16 GOC inspected the horses of the regiment in the morning. Between 300 and 400 men were inoculated in the afternoon. Weather continues warm.

15/3/16 Sqn parades troop training. CO inspected A Sqn at target firing and fire control.

16/3/16 Sqn parades lecture by Col Kentish 3rd Army School at Rimboval on the infantry attack normal and the work of the infantry of the present day. The example of an attack taken was the attack made by the 10th Infantry Brigade at Meteren on 13th October 1914.

17/3/16 Sqn parades

18/3/16 Sqn parades including small tactical exercise by C Sqn

19/3/16 Service at Embry 10.00.

20/3/16 GOC inspected the Hotchkiss Gun in the McConnell Pack. Regimental staff ride 14.00 round Lebiez Torcy and Royon.

21/3/16 Brigade staff ride postponed owing to wet

22/3/16 Sqn parades Lecture by Maj Campbell from 3rd Army School at Rimboval subject "Bayonet Fighting". Trench digging by C Sqn on Brimeux - Henoville-Line

23-25/3/16 Sqn parades

26/3/16 Church parade at St Denoeux 12.00. Evensong at Embry 19.00.

27/3/16 Sqn parades Riding school. Instruction of the Dunmow Troop on the Hotchkiss rifle by the CO. Class of instruction in the Bayonet commenced at Sempy attended from this regiment 2/Lt Morgan, Sgt Wear, Sgt Fenn and Sgt Siddons. Lecture by CO to the officers of B Sqn at St Denoeux subject "Writing Orders". The following officers and other ranks proceeded to Divisional School at Tramecourt today for courses as follows:-
2/Lt F Wilmer
1367 Cpl Butler C B
1463 Pte Wilson E A
1345 Pte Pratt P H
715 Pte Bentley W T

Lt C N Gilbey
2/Lt F D Balfour
918 Cpl Tommy S H
1220 Cpl Halford O T
1454 L/Cpl Brunwin F
1737 Pte Bolleter H C

1068 Sgt Worts H B
1937 Pte Ridgewell C N
1948 Pte Rutland A S

1875 Pte Fairweather
1753 Pte Cowell J A
1573 Pte Burch A

The following horses arrived from base on the 26th inst. And are posted to Sqns 40 horses ( R ), 9 pack and 1 (LD)

28/3/16 Sqn parades at riding school

29/3/16 Sqn parades Lecture by Col Kaye RHA on artillery at Rimboval

30/3/16 Sqn parades. Inspection of 2 troops from A Sqn in the firing of the Hotchkiss rifle by the CO. The transport of the Regiment was inspected by the OC ASC 3rd Cav Div. The report was very satisfactory

31/3/16 Sqn parades. Instruction of 1 troop from B Sqn in the firing of the Hotchkiss rifle by the CO.

1/4/16 Inspection of C Sqn in full marching order at troop drill by the CO.

2/4/16 Holy Communion at St Denoeux at 08.00 Evensong at Embry 18.30.

3/4/16 The following NCO's and men proceeded to the Divisional school at Tramecourt for courses as follows:-

2230 Pte Bye T
2255 Pte Lowe J
2139 Pte Warren W K

585 Cpl Crees G
1698 Pte Digby H
1795 Pte Smith B

1393 Pte Brewers E W
1906 Pte Smith J

1264 L/Cpl Bulling A
1738 Pte Last F
1537 Pte Hall A T

21 OR arrived from Rouen 2/4/16
A Sqn completed the trenches on the Brineux-Henoville line

4/4/16 Inspection of B Sqn in full marching order by CO

5/4/16 Sqn parades. Concert and Lantern lecture by Capt Gibbs at 18.30 Embry. Hotchkiss classes formed in all 3 Sqns.

6/4/16 Sqn parades lectures by GOC 3rd Cav Div and Lt Col M F Gage at Rimboval.

7/4/16 Sqn parades. Lt V T G Hine to be (temp) Capt 6/2/16. 2/Lts (temp Lts) C N Gilbey, H P Holt, J C Chaplin and S J Tufnell to be Lts. Sgt G Wear to be 2/Lt 26/3/16.

8/4/16 Sqn parades. Brigade staff ride Lebiez Royon Torcy Crequy in direction of Bois-de Crequy.

9/4/16 Evensong at Embry 19.00.

10/4/16 Inspection of composite troop from each Sqn. Capt R A Thompson, 2/Lt Horsfall and 10 OR's proceeded to Divisional school Tramecourt for courses.

11/4/16 Sqn parades

12/4/16 Sqn parades. Regimental staff ride Bois-de-Lebiez.

13/4/16 Lecture by Capt Simon RE at Rimboval at 15.30. Sqn bayonet classes formed. The regimental scheme ordered did not take place owing to the weather. The Brigadier lectured at Embry to officers and NCO's.

14/4/16 Recce scheme by A and C Sqns.

15/4/16 Inspection of B Sqn in summer marching order.

16/4/16 Church parade at St Deneoux at 12.00 and evensong at Embry at 19.00.

17/4/16 GOC 3rd Cav Div inspected B Sqn in summer marching order on the regiment's training ground at 08.30. He afterwards witnessed a recce scheme between A and C Sqns area Marenla to Rimboval.

18/4/16 Sqn parades and competition for shoeing smiths, later won by Cpl S S Turner (HQ).

19/4/16 Lecture by Lt Col Brownlow Commandant of 3rd Army Infantry School.

20/4/16 Sqn parades. Riding school class route march.

21/4/16 Regtl parade. Route march 2/Lt G Wear joined for duty. Posted to C Sqn. Capt Gibbs CF showed some "Good Friday" pictures at the school Embry 19.00.

22/4/16 Sqn parades

23/4/16 Easter Sunday
Holy Communion at St Deneoux 08.00
Choral Communion Embry 12.00
Evensong Boubers 18.30

24/4/16 Lt J C Chaplin, 2/Lt's G Wear and A Richardson proceeded to Div School Tramecourt for courses.
Bayonet class under Colour Sergeant Instructor Edmonds A.G.S. commenced at EMBRY 9 a.m. 2 officers, 1 S.S.M. and 7 senior N.C.Os per squadron attended. Duration of course 6 days. Squadron parades.
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