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War Diary Part 3

History - EY History

25th April 1916 to 31 March  1917.

Casting parade at HUMBERT 10.a.m. NCOs promotion examination “B” & “C” squadrons Bombing test under Brigade bombing officer EMBRY. Concert in school at EMBRY 7.30 p.m.
Squadron parades. Promotion examination for NCOs “A” squadron.
Squadron parades. 10th R.H horse show at ST MICHEL 2p.m.
Squadron parades.
Squadron parades. Preliminary orders for move to MERLIMONT.
Move to MERLIMONT cancelled. Devine service 8. A.m. at BOUBERS and 7 p.m. at EMBRY.
11 OR. arrived from the Base on 29th inst. Regtl. scheme as strong as possible at LEBIEZ.
Squadron parades. Night scheme EMBRY 6.PM. in continuation of yesterdays operations.
Squadron parades. Inspection of Hotchkiss Guns by GOC 8th Cav. Bde.
Competition for best turned out troop won by Dunmow Troop (1st) Southend (2nd) Waltham (3rd) Best turned out man Pte. Faulkner H.Q. Bayonet classes commence in the afternoon.
Wood fighting scheme in the FORET D.HESDIN.
Assault at Arms held by 1st R. Dragoons at PREHEBRE.
Evensong at school at EMBRY 7 p.m.
Short regimental scheme. Inspection of Tiptree troop by 2nd in Command.
34 Riding horses, and 1 pack horse arrived. Squadron parades. Inspection of Ardleigh troop by 2nd in Command.
Squadron parades.
Instruction in pioneering by 2ndLt G.Wear.
Formation of class for scouts and sniper. Concert by the band at EMBRY 6.30 p.m.
Brigade bombing test part (1) classes in pioneering and for scouts and snipers.
Instruction in pioneering for“B” and “C” squadron Bombing test part (2) exercise. 27 OR. arrived from Base. 7 horses evacuated.
Sunday Memorial service for those who fell in action on May 13th 1915 at the second battle of YPRES.


The regiment paraded at 7.15 a.m. in pouring rain to march down to the training area at ST RICQUIER N.E of ABBEVILLE.
Rendezvous near HESMOND. The regiment then proceeded to the Brigade rendezvous and marched off from BEAURAINVILLE under the command of Lt.Col H.F. Wickham route via GODY ST ANDRE, LIGE SCOURT, DOURIEZ CRECY DOURIEZ was reached at 11 a.m. where a halt of 1 hour was made to water and feed. The regiment reached its billets about 2.30 p.m. in ARGENVILLERS. The rain cleared off soon after arrival at the midday halt. Good billets were found for every one in ARGENVILLERS, but the water supply was indifferent except from very deep wells which entailed much delay in watering.
The regiment was allotted part of the training ground from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The first hour was employed in squadron training and the training of horses especially led pack horses to jump the numerous trenches with which the area is intersected. The second hour was devoted to regimental drill and the remaining 2 hours to a scheme starting from ST RICQUIER and working towards ARGENVILLERS and CAPEENNES. The Divisional Commander came over to see the regiment at the start of the scheme. Lt.Col. Lawson D.S.0 Commander of 2/1st Bucks Yeomanry was attached to the regiment for 3 days during this week.
The regiment was allotted the training ground between 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. The morning until 11.30 was devoted to regimental training at 11.30 a.m. the regiment was drawn up for the Brigadier's inspection and the remainder of the time allotted was employed in carrying out a scheme under his direction.
18/5/16 Corps Commanders tactical exercise. An early start was made to reach the Brigade rendezvous to the E of YURENCH. The division then proceeded to carry out a scheme on the imagination that the Enemy’s trench line had been broken. The regiment was detailed as right advanced regiment in the 8th Cav.Bde. section. The operations finished about 3 p.m. A conference of senior officers was held by Gen. Gough afterwards when the scheme was discussed.
Owing to the great heat prevailing the impossibility of watering the horses in the training area, and the length of yesterday’s operations, the scheme arranged for today was cancelled. A short morning was arranged between 6 and 8.30 a.m. Regimental training was carried out until 7.40 when the regiment formed up at Hill 92 and carried out an attack on Hill 87 in the presence of the Divisional and Brigade Commander. Billets were reached about 9.15 a.m. men and horses rested for the remainder of the day.
20/l5/16 The regiment took part in a Divisional Tactical exercise. Gen. Campbell was in command of the Division and Lt.Col. Lord Tweedmouth in Command of the Brigade. The scheme was on similar lines to that carried out on the 18th inst. under the Corps Commander. The regiment was again the right advanced regiment to the 8th Cav.Bde. Operations finished about 2.p.m.
21/5/16 The Brigade marched back to its original billeting area leaving the Brigade rendezvous at 6.30 a.m. EMBRY was reached about 1.30 p.m. The weather has been exceedingly hot the whole week.


22/5/16 Exercise and general clean up.
23/5/16 Summertime came into force with parade at 6 a.m. "A" squadron moved their horses out and their men into summer billets. Inspection of "B" squadron by the CO.
24/5/16 "C" squadron moved into summer billets. Inspection of "A" squadron on the regimental training ground by CO. The Brigadier lunched at HQ and rode round the squadrons and saw them at work in the afternoon.
25/5/16 A pouring wet morning. Inspection of "C" squadron curtailed by rain and postponed.
26/5/18 Inspection of "C" squadron by Commanding Officer.
27/5/16 Inspection of "B" squadron. Band Concert at "C" squadron billets.
28/5/16 Evensong at EMBRY 7 p.m.
29/5/16 Tactical scheme under Brigadier at HENOVILLE Trench digging on HENOVILLE BRIMEUX line by "B" & "C" sqdns.
30/5/16 Inspection of "A" squadron on the Regimental Training ground curtailed by rain. "B" & "C" squadrons were to have finished their digging but it was too wet.
31/5/16 The Brigade moved to MERLIMONT area. The march down was under regimental arrangements. Regimental parade at BOUBERS 9 a.m. A halt of an hour was made at BRIMEUX for watering and feeding. The regiment reached its billets in CUCQ at about 2 p.m. The horse lines are between CUCQ and VILLLERS. All the men are under cover in the village of CUCQ the weather is fine and warm.


1/6/16 The regiment paraded at 8.30 a.m. and proceeded via MERLIMONT-PLACE to the sands for regimental drill and squadron training at 10 a.m. There was a bathing parade for men and horses weather fine and warm sea calm.
2/6/16 Drill on the sands.
3/8/16 Drill on the sands. Field firing scheme 3rd Dragoon Guards. Regimental sports at STONEHAM CAMP.
4/6/16 Open air service opposite Regt HQ, at CUCQ 11 a.m.
5/6/16 Drill and manoeuvres on the sands weather to cold for bathing.
6/6/16 Wet morning. Squadron exercised. 2nd/Lt R. Holland arrived from ENGLAND.
7/6/16 Drill and field firing on the sand.
8/6/16 Drill and field firing on the sand. Divisional staff ride between ESTREE and HENOVILLE.
9/6/16 Drill and bathing parade. Weather much warmer.
10/6/16 The regiment paraded at 8 a.m. and marched back to permanent billets at EMBRY and BOUBERS. The march was via ENOQ,BEUTIN, NEUVILLE, AIX-EN-ISSART and ST DENOEUX billets were reached about 1 p.m.
11/6/16 Exercise. Holy Communion at EMBRY and evening service
12/6/16 Exercise. The C.0 (Maj. Gold) inspected the horses of the regiment by squadrons in watering order. Captain Hine with 100 men completed the digging on the HENOVILLE BRIMEUX trench line.
13/6/16 Squadron parades Brigade staff ride at HUMBERT in continuation of Divisional ride of 8th inst. 2nd/Lt W. Ritchie arrived from ENGLAND.
14/6/16 Regimental staff ride over same ground for troop leaders with Hotchkiss rifles.
15/6/16 Parade under squadron arrangements.
16/6/16 Regimental parade on the training ground staff ride for COs and 2nd in Command.
18/6/16 Divine service at 9 a.m. EMBRY Major Anthony Buxton D.S.0 and No.3217 R.S.M.C Farrell were mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig's despatch.
19/6/16 Regimental parade. Preliminary arrangements for filling up practise trench pulling down jumps etc for the forth coming move south.


20/6/16 2nd/Lt G. L. HorsfaIl transferred from "B" squadron to "C" squadron and 2nd/Lt Ritchie posted to "B" squadron. Staff ride for squadron leaders 2nd in Command of squadron and 4 officers per squadron 2.15pm
21/6/16 Regimental parade 8.30 a.m. 3 OR arrived from Base also 5 horses (R) and 1(L.D)
22/6/16 Exercise and musketry.
23/6/16 Exercise and musketry and clearing up billets. 2nd/Lt Balfour and 2nd/Lt Ritchie detailed for duty with dismounted squadron.
24/6/16 The regiment paraded at 6.15 p.m. and left EMBRY for the south. Brigade rendezvous LE-BUT-DE-MARLES marched to VIRONCHAUD and arrived about 1.30 a.m.


25/6/16 Remained in billets until 7.30 p.m. and continued the march brigade rendezvous near CRECY 8.30 p.m. marched to ST OUNEN a fine night arrived 2.30 a.m.


26/6/16 Remained in billets till 7.30 p.m. Brigade rendezvous S.E exit of ST OUNEN marched to BONNAY about 8 miles W. of ALBERT where the 3rd Cav.Div. concentrated during the night and following morning. A terrible night for a march, bad roads as a rule and sheet of rain almost incessantly arrived to find the horse lines in a swamp at about 3.30 a.m.


27/6/16 Almost continuous rain all day. Horses and men very tired.
28/6/16 Received orders which will be carried into effect tomorrow to move units. Position of readiness near ALBERT in case Infantry attack gets through. Infantry offensive postponed 48 hours.
29/6/16 Weather improving. Officers and NCOs go up to ridge 3000 yards W. of ALBERT to get the lie of the land. Our trenches and German lines plainly visible considerable artillery activity after 4 p.m.
30/6/16 4 quiet day. Weather improving. Horses looking much better for the extra two days. Understand we stand to at 7 a.m. tomorrow.
1/7/16 The Infantry attack was launched at 7.30 a.m. 3rd Cav.Div. Stood to 7 a.m. and remained on half hours notice during the day. Commanding officers inspected their regiments at 8.30 a.m. News of the battle came in regularly during the day but the cavalry did not move forward. A good advance was made by 13th and 15th Corps in conjunction with the French between FRICODRT and the SOMME but the centre was held up at LA BOISSEILLE and the north offensive at THIEPVAL SERRE in the extreme north of the section was captured but retaken. When night fell 3rd Cav.Div. were put on 2 hours notice to move.
2/7/16 A certain amount of ground taken during the 1st inst. was retaken by the Germans but the 13th and 15th Corps remained firm. Notification was early given that the cavalry would not move forward today. A little news still came through progress being either nil or very slight. The north and centre still meeting with serious opposition.
3/7/16 A lorry returned to FRUGES area to-bring up trench stores. 'The prospect of Cavalry being used as Cavalry at present is very slight. Our troops report capture of FRICOURT and MAMETZ and advance on MAMETZ wood capture of LA BOISELLE also reported.
4/7/16 3rd Cav.Div. placed on 4 hours notice from 9 a.m tomorrow but it is rumoured that cavalry move back tomorrow to ABBEVILLE district orders to move back received at 2.30 a.m. 8th Brigade rendezvous at 5 a.m. at LA NEIIVILLE route via AMIENS station and AILLY-SUR-SOMME where a halt is made for one and half hours for water and feed. All along the AMIENS-ABBEVILLE road infantry are encountered resting and reorganising after having partaken in first two days offensive. Brigade reached billeting area S.E of ABBEVILLE at 3 p.m. We are allotted BELLIFONTAINE good field for horse lines but small and cramped billets.


5/7/16 Grazing and general clean up. Horses rather done up after 38 mile march.
6/7/16 Grazing and Physical exercises.
7/7/16 Pouring wet day lines in a bad mess.
8/7/14 Move off east at short notice. Turn out 10.30 p.m. Brigade move off from DONCQ water E of HANGEST 5.15 p.m. Pass through AMIENS and went by river at CAMON off saddle water and feed. Reach CORBIE.


9/7/16 Leave CORBIE at 6.30 p.m. and return to the swamp at BONNAY lines in a very bad state not fit for horses or men. Move Horse lines to the North side of BONNAY CORBIE roads.
10/7/16 Squadron exercise and grazing.
11/7/16 Exercise and grazing.
12/7/16 Exercise. Parade for signallers and scouts.
13/7/16 Zero day ordered overnight was cancelled routine as far as yesterday.
14/7/16 Same routine as for yesterday.
15/7/16 2nd/Lt L.C. Chaplin returned from hospital. 27 OR arrived from base 28 horses also arrived.
16/7/16 Church service at 10.30 a.m. in camp.
17/7/16 Warning for "stand to" received at 7 p.m. cancelled at 12.30 p.m. Rain from 5.30 onwards.
18/7/16 Whole camp in a swamp "A" road reconnoitred as far as MONTAUBAN.
19-23/7/16 On 4 hours notice. Weather fine and warmer. 2nd Indian Cav.Div. returned from MEAULTE.
24/7/16 Hotchkiss experiment under Brigadier one team per regiment. New traversing arrangements devised by the regiment tried and approved of. 2nd/Lt Temp, Lt. K.C. Herron arrived from ENGLAND and posted to "A" squadron. 2nd/Lt D. Morgan "A" squadron appointed A.D.C to G.O.C R.A 49th Div. and is struck off the strength of the regiment.
25/7/26 Two brigades in the division 6th and 8th are instructed to send off a digging party of 250 OR to BECOURT today. Party from this regiment consists of 2nd/Lts L.C Chaplin, Charters and 84 OR. Capt. J.O Parker goes up as quartermaster to Divisional party.
26/7/16 General Harman D.S.O commanding 6th Cav.Bde with his Hotchkiss rifle instructors came over to inspect and test the new traversing devices.
27/7/16 Each brigade ordered to send up a further 250 OR to BECOURT for work in the CONTALMAISON line Capt Proby and 79 OR proceeded from this unit. Major Gold conducted the party to BECOURT and returned.
28/7/16 Exercise and grazing and Hotchkiss classes. 18 OR, 4 chargers, 25 riding horses and 1 LD arrived from Base.
29/7/16 C.0 inspected the recruits at Riding and visited the digging party at BECOURT. Weather not very hot.


30/7/16 Relief party consisting of Lt. J.K Swire, 3 Sgt and 37 OR proceeded to BECOURT at 12.30 p.m. to relieve 2Lt. L.C. Chaplin and a similar number of 0R Church parade 10 a.m. 10th R.H lines. In the night an order was received that the whole of the digging party at CONTALMAISON was to be relieved next day and that the division would march westward on the 1st prox.
31/7/l6 The relief was duly carried out. Weather very hot and dusty. 2nd t Ritchie and the party at CONTAY loading ammunition were not relieved. Orders to move to ST RICQUIER area received in the evening.


1/8/16 The regiment left the lines at BONNAY at 6.15 am. passed through AMIENS near CITADEL and going along the towpath of the SOMME river watered and fed at BERTRICOURT reached HANGEST SUR SOMME and shared one village with 10th R.H after a very hot march.


2/8/16 Marched by AILLY and ST RICQUIER to billets at DRUCAT after leaving HANGEST at 5 a.m. Brigade H.Q in same village. The billets are the best the regiment have had for some time. It is expected that the brigade will remain in this area for a while.
3/8/16 Unexpected orders to move north in two stages received definitely in the evening.


4/8/16 Left DRUCAT 6.15 a.m. marching via CRECY and LIGESCOURT to MOULMEL no billets, but a pontoon section of R.E helped to make things comfortable for all conceived in the vicinity of their billets on the AUTHIE river.


5/8/16 Paraded at 10 a.m. to march to BLANGY. Billets fair and all regiment in one village. Stated accommodation for 600 horses under cover if necessary to use village for winter billets. Weather has continued very hot throughout the move.
6/8/16 General clean up.
7/8/I6 Squadron parades. Regiment signal troop reformed Regimental Police under Cpl. Mann as provost Corporal instituted.
8/8/16 14 OR from base arrived. Recommencement of squadron and troop training.
9/8/I6 Sgt Worts "A" squadron and Pte Stringer and Boyden left for ARRAS to snipe with 21st Div.
10/8/16 Lt J.K. Swire took over duties of Regimental Bombing Officers from 2ndLt Winter Rose.
11/8/16 G.O.C 3rd Cav.Div. accompanied by the Brigadier inspected the horses of the regiment in watering order at 10 a.m.
12/8/16 Squadron parades.
13/8/16 Church parade 11 a.m. Lt.Col F.H.D.C Whitmore went up to SENLIS in command of 3rd Cav.Div. Cable laying party. 2ndLt W.A Tuczek and 64 OR formed the party from the regiment 15 OR lent to M.G squadron for grooming purposes.
14/8/16 Squadron parades. 5 0R received from Base.
15/8/16 Staff ride for Commanding Officer and 2nd in Command Squadron parades.
16/8/16 Staff ride for squadron Leaders and 2nd in Command.
17/8/16 Foden disinfector arrived for two days work with regiment.
18/8/16 Brigade horse show arranged for 27th inst. indefinitely postponed.
19/8/16 Staff ride for troop leaders and Senior NCOs Inspection by A.D.M.S.
20/8/16 Holy Communion 8.a.m. Relief of sniping party with 21st Div. The Officers granted special leave to U.K Maj. G.G. Gold 14-21/8/16. Lt E.J. Sayer 20-27/16.
21/8/16 Squadron parades.
22/8/16 Lt F.C Meyer seconded for duty with A.S.S dated 6/5/16 Staff ride for Commanding officer.
23/8/16 Staff ride for squadron Leaders and 2nd in Command 2ndLt A. Winter Rose and 18 OR despatched to R.F.C 18th Corps for duty. Were subsequently ordered to join 3rd Cav.Div. Cable party under Lt.Col. Whitmore. 14 OR received from Base.
24/8/16 Sniping party from 21st Div. rejoined on being relieved by Pte Warren and Watts "A" squadron and Pte King "B" squadron.
25/8/16 Casting parade under D.R 4th Army 10 a.m. C0 paraded all troop leader and Senior Sergeants in worst trained and most vicious horses in their respective troops for training in riding school and-jumping. 15 0R attached to 3rd Cav.Div.Cable party. Entertainment by members of 47th C.C.S from HESDIN given in Regimental 7 p.m.
26/8/16 Tactical Exercise-under the Brigadier for C0 three squadron leaders Capt. Parker, Proby and Lt.Col Whitmore returned to unit from Commanding digging party.
27/8/16 Church service 10 a.m. Friday performance repeated for Bde HQ and R.H.G in regimental hut. Band of R.H.G at both performances and afterwards in the square at BLANGY 5.30 to 6.30 p.m.
28/8/16 Squadron parades. 11 Horses arrived from ROUEN & 1OR.
29/8/16 Squadron parades.
30/8/16 G.O.C 3rd Cav.Div was to have inspected "C"squadron at Squadron training but did not arrive owing to the wet.
31/8/16 Relief of about 60 OR per unit of party working under 2nd Corps commenced today. Capt Y.T.G. Hine proceeded with today’s party and took over command of Brigade party from Capt. Brocklehurst. 20 OR returned from 2nd Corps 29 OR went up in relief.
1/9/16 2nd/Lt C.W Charters returned from hospital and leave to ENGLAND on 31st inst. Squadron parades 2ndLt G.L Horsfall and 31 OR proceeded to relieve Lt Winter Rose and 42 OR with 2nd Corps.
2/9/26 2ndLt W.A Tuczek returned from hospital. Squadron Hotchkiss Competition commenced to select a team to represent the regiment for 3rd Cav.Div. Military Competition on 9th inst "B"squadron was selected. 3rd Cav. Div. Cinema escorted by Capt Kirk gave a show in the evening.
3/9/I6 Capt J.S Gibbs gave a service at 7 p.m.
4/9/16 Hotchkiss competition completed in the morning, Lloyd Lindsay in the afternoon won by "C"squadron by 1 point. Hotchkiss won by "B" squadron.
5/9/16 Events 2.5 run off in the morning near TRAMECOURT "B"squadron won event 2.(Troop as advanced Guard). "A"squadron won event 5. (Swordsmanship).
2ndLt Holland proceeded to ARRAS with OR and relieved the sniping party with 21st Division.
6/9/16 Squadron parades.
7/9/16 Owing to shortage of time Brigade eliminating Competition was dispensed with and teams selected from the Brigade. The regiment was selected from the Brigade in Hotchkiss Competition and Lloyd Lindsay.
8/9/16 Practise for 3rd Cav.Div. Competitions orders received that the Brigade will move S.E on lOth inst.
9/9/16 3rd Cav.Div. Competitions at TRAMECOURT. The regt. was 2nd in Hotchkiss and Lloyd Lindsay. 2ndLt E.G. Windle appointed Divisional Anti Gas Instructor with (temp rank)of Lieutenant and struck off the strength of the regiment.
10/9/16 Regiment marched out of Blangy at 12.30 p.m and proceeded to MOULINEL and RAPECHY occupying the same field as in the march back from BONNAY.


11/9/16 Regiment moved off at 12.15 p.m. and marched to ST RICQUIER.


12/9/16 The regiment moved on out of ST RICQUIER. at 8 a.m and proceeded via FLIXECOURT along the AMIENS road N of the SOMME to ST SAUVEUR.


13/9/16 Remained at ST SAUVEUR all day resting and clearing up orders received for an early move to the area of concentration near DAOURS. Weather unsettled.


14/9/16 Left ST SAUVEUR 6.15 a.m. and marched via outskirts of AMIENS to LA MOTTE to water thence on to Camping
ground between QUERRIEU and BUSSY-LE-DAOURS which
took over from 2nd Indian Cavalry Division which proceeded to a position of readiness E of ALBERT 8th Brigade took over from Canadian Brigade Essex Yeomanry from STRATHCONA'S HORSE.

15/9/16 Left camp at 8.a.m. and moved via DAOURS to a field N.W of LA NEAUVILLE where we remained all day.
In the evening orders were received that the Brigade would bivouac there for the night.
16/9/16 Brigade again came on 20 minutes notice to move at 9 a.m remaining in same bivouacs all day. At midnight warning notice received to retire to new bivouac at VECQUEMONT at 7 am 17th.


17/9/16 Brigade moved off at 7 a.m and were established in new bivouac by midday at 2.30 p.m owing to regiment being too cramped. The Essex were moved West about 400 yards to fresh grounds. Rain started during the night.
18/9/16 Remained in bivouac all day. Heavy rain almost all day cleared up again in the evening but recommenced in the night horse lines and bivouacs in terrible mess of mud.
19/9/16 Still raining hard almost intermittently no further orders received.
20/9/16 Wind changing to N.E less rain today. The regiment will move to fresh field West of present camp tomorrow as the present lines are in a very bad state.
21/9/16 Moved camp about 10.30 a.m. Order received to move westward again tomorrow.
22/9/16 Brigade moved off from DAOURS at 8.15 to BOUCHON and L'ETOILE area W of FLIXECOURT 10th Hussars shared BOUCHON.


23/9/16 Left BOUCHON 8.15 a.m. marched via AUXI-LE-CHATEAU to valley-of the CANCHE east of HESDIN. The regiment was billeted at FILLIEVRES. It was originally intended that the brigade should go to ST RICQUIER area but the orders were changed at the last moment.


24/9/16 Left FILLIEVRES at 8.30 a.m. and marched to CANCHE
valley W of HESDIN Regimental Headquarters in


25-27/9/16 Exercise and clean up. The weather has been beautiful
since the beginning of the march westward.
20 OR including 8 NCOs for-dismounted squadron arrived from U.K via Base. Squadron kit inspection American intertroop football tournament held at ST VAAST in the afternoon won by Waltham Abbey Troop, 2nd Southend Troop, 3rd Orsett Troop.
28/9/16 Exercise grazing and Riding school. Captain V.T.G Hine granted one weeks special leave to ENGLAND.
29/9/16 Signal Troop temporarily reformed under 2ndLt W.A Tuczek.
30/9/l6 Regimental parade to practise advanced guards over open country. No 1235 Cpl W. Ashton "A" squadron transferred to 1st 18th Bedfordshire Regiment.
1/10/16 Holy Communion 10 a.m. ST VAAST. Change from summer time made night of 30th and lst. Lecture by Brigadier to COs, squadron leaders, and 2nd in Command at MARESQUEL 2.15 p.m.
2/10/16 Dismounted squadrons left billets to proceed to
AUHEUX under Reserve Army. Major E.A Ruggles¬-Brise M.C. "B" squadron proceeded in Command of Divisional party Lt C.N Gi1bey and 2ndLt G. Wear proceeded with 90 OR from this unit. 12 OR from U.K.
3/10/16 Squadron schemes and Riding school. Weather colder and wet.
4/10/16 Squadron parades.
5/10/16 Tactical exercise at ST JOSSE and hill 100 (Reference ABBEYILLE 1/100000) for "A" squadron.
6/10/16 Tactical Exercise at ST JOSSE and Hill 100 (Reference ABBEYILLE 1/100000) for "C" squadron. "A"squadron representing the enemy.
7/10/16 "B"squadron performed the same tactical exercise the enemy was represented by "C"squadron,
8/10/16 Regiment played Bays at Rugby Football at ST VAAST
Bays won 12 pts to nil. Evensong at ST VAAST 6.30 p.m.
9/10/16 ST JOSSE scheme performed consecutively by one
squadron 10th R.H and squadron R.H.G "B" squadron
E.Y. representing the enemy for each attack.
10/10/I6 Squadron training
11/10/16 Squadron training. Result of Commanding Officers Cooking prizes for the first month as follows:-lst Waltham Abbey Troop, 2nd Southend Troop.
12/l0/16 Scheme for "B" squadron under C0 "A" and "C" squadron Training. No 1465 Pte. W Law "C" squadron in "A" 9/10/16.
13/10/16 Brigade scheme under the Corps Commander round BRUNEHAUTPRS-BLOVILLE-BRIMEUX.
14/10/16 Association Football American tournament for second elevens played off and won by Colchester Troop.
15/10/16 11 a.m. Holy Communion ST VAAST. 6.30 p.m, evensong ST VAAST. Rugby Football match E.Y v Queens Bays Bays won 3pts to 1. Association Football E.Y 3rd Cav. Div. Supply Column Draw 3 - 3.
16/10/16 7th Cav.Bde. scheme E.Y. G Battery G.M.G squadrons represented the enemy taking up positions round CAMPAGNE-LES-HESDIN BUIRE-LE-SEC 2nd Lt W. Ritchie proceeded to join 2nd Corps to relieve Lt. C.N. Gilbey.
17/1O/16 Exercise and grazing. Foot drill 11 a.m.
18/10/16 Regiment paraded at 6.15 a.m. to proceed to DOURIEZ to take part in a divisional scheme against the lst Cav. Div. Message received at GOUY ST ANORE to say scheme postponed owing to weather.
19-20/10/16 Squadron parades. Rearrangement of billets in process.
21/10/16 Staff ride (Bde) for C0 2nd in C and Sig.Officer
squadron. Exercise graze and clean up.
22/10/16 Evensong 6.30 p.m at AUBIN ST VAAST. The regiment played Artist Rifles at Rugby Football and were beaten 27 pts to nil.
23/10/16 Squadron training. Capt. R. G. Proby, Lt S. J. Tufnell with 75 OR proceeded to BOUZINCOURT to relieve 2nd Lt Ritche and Ware and similar number of OR with 2nd Corps.
24/10/12 Squadron training. Staff ride for squadron leaders. Lt.J.W.Fleming Hants Yeomanry with 4 O.R arrived for instruction in Hotchkiss rifle posted to "C" squadron.
25/10/16 Regimental H.Q moved billets from ECQUEMICOURT to the PLUMOISON area.


26/10/16 "B" squadron moved  billets from AUBIN ST VAAST to BOUIN & PLUMOISON
27/10/16 Squadron parades.
28/10/16 Squadron parades.
29/10/16 Holy Communion 8 a.m. BOUIN. Evensong 6.30 p.m. AUBIN ST VAAST
30/10/16 The CO inspected the Regiment in marching order at PLUMOISON by Squadron.
31/10/16 Squadron parades.
1/11/16 Squadron parades. Medical inspection. Re analysis of all water supplies.
2/11/16 Squadron parades. Lt. J.W.Fleming Hants Yeomanry and 4 O.R left to rejoin unit. Major Gold proceeded to BOUZINCOURT to take Command of 3rd Cav.Div. digging party on lst inst.
3/11/16 Squadron parades.
4/11/16 Squadron parades 10 O.R proceeded to 8th M.G sqdn. 5/11/16 Evensong 6.30 p.m. AUBIN ST VAAST. Heavy gale and torrential rain during the night.
6/11/16 Squadron parades and riding school. 7/11/16 Squadron parades and riding school.
8/11/16 Parades as above. Major Buxton, Hill, and Ruggles-Brise went to 3rd of instruction at MERLIMONT. 2nd/Lt W.C.V Schwier from U.K and posted to "A" squadron 1 Officer and 9 O.R from 3rd Field squadron attached on 7th Reanalysed water.
9/11/16 2nd/Lt G.Wear to hospital U.K. Squadron parades at riding school started to repair billets and build stabling.
10/11/16 Capt (Adjt) T.K.Jackson to hospital 2nd/Lt R.W. Bruce acting Adjutant. 2nd/Lt L.Abraham from U.K posted to "C"squadron.
11/11/16 Major G.Gold, Capt R.G Proby, Lt.S.J Tufnell and 72 O.R ceased to be attached to 2nd Corps.
12/11/16 Holy Communion at 12 noon AUBIN ST VAAST.
13-16/l1/16 Squadron parades at Riding school.
17/11/16 Riding school ceased on this date.
18/11/16 Squadron parades.
19/11/16 Holy Communion 8.30 a.m. BOUIN.Evensong 6.30 p.m. AUBIN ST VAAST. Major E.HiII, A.Buxton, and E.A.Ruggles-Brise returned from Divisional school of instruction. 2nd/Lt H.H.Newman from U.K posted to "B"squadron.
20/11/16 Capt.J.O.Parker,Lt.J.K.Swire, 2nd/Lt W.Ritchie, R.C.Weatherby, L.Abraham, B.F.Wilmer, W.C.V.Schwier, and Lt A.M E J,Sayer (H.Q)with 261 O.R. (8th British Cavalry Pioneer Battalion attached 15th Corps) entrained at MARESQUEL under the Command LT.Co1.P.E.Hardwick,D.S.O 1Oth.R.H.
21/11/16 Capt.R.G.Proby and V.T.G.Hine and Lt R.A.Thomson proceeded to 3rd Cav.Div, school.
22/11/16 Major Buxton proceeded to Divisional school (Anti Gas) WAILLY.
23/11/16 Erection of Nissen huts commenced at Regimental Headquarters.
24-25/11/16 Squadron Parades.
26/11/16 Evensong at 6.30 p.m. at AUBIN ST VAAST. 2nd/Lt S.White (from DAOURS Town major) posted to "A"sqdn.
27-30/11/16 Squadron parades.   
1/11/16 Parades under squadron arrangements. Repairs and improvements to billets and stables.
2/11/16 Parades under squadron arrangements. Information 'received that 8th Pioneers Batt. now under 13th Corps.
3/11/16 Parades under squadron arrangements. Maj.Hill went to Div.Gas school for course of instruction.
4/11/16 Parades under squadron arrangements. Lt.G.F.Nelson R.A.M.C ceased to be attached to the regiment.
5/11/16 Parades under squadron arrangements. Maj.A.Buxton left to take command of 8th Pioneer Battalion.
6/11/16 Parades under squadron arrangements. Precautions against fire were issued and fire picquets rearranged.
7/11/16 Parades under squadron arrangements. Major E.Hill returned from Gas school.
8-9/11/16  Parades under squadron arrangements.
10/11/16 G.O.C 3rd Cav.Div. inspected the regiment before attending Divine service at 10 a.m. in railway shed at AUBIN ST VAAST Regimental Band played for service. After the service the G.O.C 3rd Cav.Div. and 8th Cav.Bde. inspected the billets of the regiment. A horsed ambulance from 8th C.F.A is attached to the regiment for duty.
11/11/16 Squadron parades 2nd/Lt Maconnachie and 9 O.R from 3rd Field squadron ceased to be attached to regiment.
12/11/16 Squadron parades. Lt.E.J.Sayer returned from 8th Pioneer Battalion relieved by R.H.G.
13/ll/16 Squadron parades. Started trial of shoeing all horses of one troop per squadron with rolled toe shoes.
14/11/16 Squadron parades. Interpreter Vernot on detached duty to French Army.
15/11/16 Inspection of all horses of "A" & "C" squadron unsaddled, by C.O.
16/11/16 C.O.inspected the horses of H.Q "B" squadron & echelons.
17/11/16 Maj.E.A.Ruggles-Brise M.C went to Div.Gas School. 18/11/16 Squadron parades. Horses were paraded before casting board.
19/11/16 Squadron parades. 2nd/Lt A.W Rose appointed Regtl Sig.Officer in place of 2nd/Lt Tuczek.
20/11/16 Squadron parades. 27th 8th Pioneer battalion returned arriving at MARESQUEL about 6 a.m.
21/11/16 Squadron Parades.


22/11/16 The regiment marched to billeting area lately    occupied by R.Ds and were stationed as follows H.Q and ½ 'A" squadron at ST JOSSE "B" at VILLIERS and around LE MOULINEL "C" at ST AUBIN ½ "A" at ST JOSSE station and CAPELLE. 2nd/Lt Balfour from UK.
23-24/11/16 Squadron parades and work on improvement of billets. Divine services at 8 a.m and 6.30 p.m. 25/11/16 Holy Communion service at 8 at ST JOSSE 9 at LE MOULINEL.
26/11/16 Squadron parades at work on billets.
27/11/16 Squadron parades. Brigade staff ride for C.0s and Adjutant Capt.Parker, Lt.Gilbey, Tufnell, and 2nd/Lt Weatherby went to attend course at 3rd Cav.Div.School.
28/11/16 The Brigadier inspected all the transport of Regiment at ST JOSSE Station.
29/11/16 Squadron parades. 30/11/16 Squadron parades.
1/12/16 Evensong at ST JOSSE 6.45. All clothing of A" & "C" squadrons was treated in "Foden Disinfector" Holy Communion at ST AUBIN at Midday.
Squadron training. Afternoon staff ride for squadron leaders. LONDON GAZETTE. Lt Colonel.F.H.D.C Whitmore awarded D. S. 0. Lieut. E. J. Sayer awarded Military Cross.)
2-4/12/16 Squadron training.
5/12/16 Regiment inspection full marching order by G.O.C 8th Cav.Bde.
6/12/16 Squadron parades.
7/12/16 Divine service 6.45 p.m. ST JOSSE.
8/12/16 Squadron Training. Inspection of "A" & "B" echelons in full marching order by C.O. 9-11/12/16 Squadron training.
12/12/16 Inspection by A.D.V.S.
13/11/16 Squadron training.
14/11/16 Divine service 7 p.m. ST JOSSE.2nd/Lt A.Winter-Rose to Div.Sig.Course.2nd/Lt W.A.Tuzcek to Cav.Corps Signal course.
15/12/16 Squadron training. C.O. and 2nd in Command attended Brigade staff ride.
16/12/16 Squadron training. Demonstration in concealment of Hotchkiss rifle in action.
17/12/16 Squadron training.
18/12/l0 "B"squadran inspected in fire control By G.O.G 8th Cav.Bde.
19/12/16 Squadron training. 20/12/16 Squadron training.
21/12/16 Divine service 8.30(LE-MOULINEL) and 7 p.m.(ST JOSSE)
22/12/16 Squadron training. LONDON GAZETTE Sgts.1555 F. Smy, 806 R.G. Turnell, 767 E.Walker, Ptes 1650 G. Player, 895 A. Ro1ph,1236 A. J. Howard, and 1655 F.D.Dorrington awarded M.M.
23/12/16 Squadron training.
24/12/16 Demonstration of Gas scheme before G.O.C 8th Cav. Brigade.
25/12/16 Squadron training Inspection by A.D.M.S.
26/12/16 Inspection of Regiment by G.O.C 3rd Cav.Division.
27/12/16 Squadron training.
28/12/16 Divine service 12 noon and 7 p.m ST JOSSE.
2nd/Lt W.C.V Schweir to Pioneer course, 3rd Field squadron.
29/12/16 Squadron training.
30/12/16 Lt.R.A.Thomson and 100 O.Rs leave to join 8th Pioneer Battalion.
31/12/16 Squadron training.

During the month the following Officers attended 3rd Cav.Div.School at MERLIMONT PLACE. Capt.J.O. Parker, Lt.C.N.Gilbey, S.J.Tufnell, and 2nd/Lt R.C Weatherby. The following attended an Anti Gas Gourse at WAILLY 2nd/Lt G.L.Horsfall, B.F.Wilmer,and J.Flingeman while a number of Officers, N.C.Os and Hotchkiss Specialists of Corps Cav. were attached to the regiment for instruction.
1/2/17 Move to new billeting area regiment billeted as     follows:- H.Q FRESSIN, "A"squadron CAVRON, “B"squadron SAINS, "C"squadron WAMBERCOURT.


2/2/17 Improvement of billets.
3/2/17 Improvement of billets. Capt.Hine and a second dismounted party, left the regiment to join the 8th Cav.Pioneer Battalion.
4-6/2/17 Exercise and Improvement of billets.
7/2/17 Exercise and improvement of billets. Captain J.L Parker promoted Major, Lt.C.N.Gilbey promoted Capt. both to date from 10th September 1916. (2nd/LT temp Lt)to be Lt. to date from 7th Feb.1916. Authority LONDON GAZETTE. Feb.3rd 1917.
8-10/2/17 Exercise and improvement of billets.
11/2/17 Divine service 6.30 p.m.FRESSIN. Exercise and improvement to billets. Lt.R.A.Thomson awarded Croix de Guerre.
12-17/2/17 Exercise and improvement of billets.
18/2/17 Inspection of signallers by A.D.M.S (Lt.Co1.Saddleir Jackson) 9.15 a.m. at FRESSIN.
19-24/2/17 Exercise and improvement of billets.
25/2/17 Divine Service. Matins and Holy Communion FRESSIN.
26-28/2/17 Exercise and improvement of billets.
Owing to the absence of a large number of men with 8th Pioneer Battalion training except in the case of signallers was practically brought to a stand still. During the last fortnight of the month, however, afternoon instruction took place on the following subjects:- Map Reading, Siting trenches, Respirator drill, elementary musketry and judging distance. The signallers were progressively trained throughout the month by 2nd /Lt A.Winter Rose.

The following officers attended courses at 3rd Cav. Div. School MERLIMONT PLACE Lt. J. C. Chaplin, Lt. J. K. Swire, 2nd/Lt R.W. Bruce, 2nd/Lt F.Wilmer. At Cav.Corps Intelligence School CAUMARTIN 2nd/Lt J.F.Lingeman. At Div.Anti Gas School, WAILLY Maj.G.G.Gold, Capt.E.Stork,R.A.M.C. 2nd/Lt L Abrahams. At Cav.Corps Signals 2nd/Lt K.C.Herron.
1-2/3/17 Exercise and General Clean up.
3/3/17 Exercise and General clean up. Inspection of all Regimental signallers by 0.C 3rd Sig.Squadron.
4-6/3/17 Exercise and squadron arrangements.
7/3/17 2nd in Command of Squadrons and Officers above this rank attended Brigade Staff ride resiting of trenches. An inspection of A.H.T. A.S.C at ration dump.
8-1O/3/17 Exercise and squadron arrangements.
11-13/3/17 Exercise and squadron arrangements. 2nd/Lt C.A Colliss, H.N.Long, and G.W.H.Ridley joined.
14-17/3/I7 Exercise and squadron arrangements.
18/3/17 Holy Communion at SAINS and Evensong at FRESSIN.
19/3/17 Exercise &c. 5 Officers and 245 O Ranks returned from 8th Pioneer Battalion.
19-20/3/17 Exercise and inspection of men, for scabies was held on 17th.
21/3/17 Exercise &c. G.O.C 3rd Cav.Div.inspected the horses of "C"squadron and the 2 troops of "A" squadron on range at musketry.
22/3/17 Exercise &c.
23/3/17 All the regiment were issued with small box respirators, and tested with gas.
24/3/17 Regiment took part in a Brigade field day taking up a position near AVONDANCE and keeping up Communication with aeroplane contact patrol.
25/3/17 Exercise &c. Holy Communion at FRESSIN at 12.15 p.m. Evensong at WAMBERCOURT.
26-27/3/17 Full marching order parade for Brigade was cancelled owing to weather. Squadron arrangements.
28/3/17 Squadron arrangements. G.O.C 8th Cav.Bde attended at "C" squadron range to see competitions between Hotchkiss rifles and troops &c.
29-31/3/17 Squadron arrangements. 2nd/Lt Hore joined regt.on 29th After the return of the men from the Pioneer Battalion the training was greatly interfered with by bad weather, snow, frost and rain and then by the brigade being under orders to move at 8 hrs notice. 2nd/Lt Holland, Ritchie, Shwier and Abraham attended courses at 3rd Cav.Div.Gas school. A class of instructors was arranged by the regiment 2nd/e for all officers who had not been at course at 3rd Cav. Div. School and for 24 NCOs. The Regimental training of signalers continued throughout the month. A course of lectures and instruction was given by the M.O to stretcher bearers.
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