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War Diary Part 4

History - EY History

1st April 1917 to 14 March 1918


1-3/4/17 Strength on first day of month 34 Officers, 601 O.Rs, 591 horses period 1st - 6th was occupied in preparations for move and in evacuating winter and billet stores to Brigade dump &c. Telephone lines were left up and communication maintained until 6th inst.

4/4/17 2 Officers and 48 0Rs were detailed to proceed to BEAURAINVILLE to form 8th Cav.Bde Dismounted party. Officers concerned Maj.J.O.Parker and 2nd/Lt H.C.Herron.

5/4/17 2nd/Lt H.N.Long and 25 O.Rs concentrated at LEBIEZ for purpose of joining 8th Cav.Bde dismounted party. The regiment with the exception of Headquarters fighting strength concentrated at CAVRON.

6/4/17 Good Friday. A conference was held at Regimental Headquarters FBSSSIN attended by Commanding Officer 2nd in Command, Squadron leaders, Adjutant, Medical Officer, Signal Officer, Quartermaster and Intelligence Officer at which the proposed plan of action was discussed in detail. The number of horses affected by the outbreak of Influenza reduced to 10 and all passed as fit to travel. 2nd/Lt R. D. Holland rejoined the regiment from Hospital and 2nd/Lt A.Collis was evacuated to base.

7/4/17 The regiment marched from the FRESSIN area to FREVENT where they bivouaced at the East end of the town.

8/4/17 The march was continued to GOUY EN ARTOIS where the. 3rd Cav.Div. was concentrated.

9/4/17 At 11 am. the Division moved out at a moments notice towards ARRAS and halted at the western entrance to the town on the race course and there watered and fed. Early in the afternoon orders were received by the 8th Cav.Bde. to move forward. The brigade was preceeded by "B" squadron 10th R.Hussars under Capt.Gordon Canning and "C" squadron Essex Yeomanry under Maj.Buxton D.S.O. These two squadrons marched to the N.W of TILLOY LEZ MOFFLAINES. The remainder of the brigade halted at the eastern outskirts of ARRAS on the Cavalry track leading parallel and N of the ARRAS CCAMBRAI road. ORANGE HILL was still occupied by the Germans and further reconnaissance on the part of the leading squadrons of the Brigade was rendered impossible on this account. The Brigade moved forward to the North West side of TILLOY and after watering in the river south of ATHIES bivouaced for the night N of TILLOY. There were frequent snowstorms during the evening and night. At 1.30 a.m on the night of 9th & 10th April the Brigade received orders to return to the racecourse ARRAS before light. Water forage and rations were able to be obtained at this place.

10/4/17. At 11 a.m. the Brigade moved forward from the race course to a position N of TILLY-LEZ-MOFFLAINES Capt.Gordon Canning's squadron 10th R.H., and Maj.Buxton's Squadron E.Yeo reconnoitring towards PELVES on the South of the River SCARPE. Patrols sent out by these squadrons reported that the slopes and spurs North of MONCHY LE PREUX were still held by the Enemy who brought their machine guns into action against these patrols. Captain Gordon Canning's patrol suffering many casualties whilst Lieut Wear of the E.Yeo became cut off by the enemy and had to rejoin his unit under cover of the darkness. Lt Weatherby E.Yeo was also sent out with a patrol and reports were all similar, and but for the fact of a very severe and blinding snowstorm which covered the retirement of these patrols the casualties would have been greater. Major Buxton was wounded by a shell during the afternoon.

Lt.Chaplin taking command of his squadron. The night was passed at FEUCHY CAPELLE and a continuous and heavy shelling with high explosive caused many casualties amongst horses and some men were killed.

The 10th R.H alone losing about 50 horses and about 10 men. The R.H.G and E.Yeo were more fortunate.

11/4/17 The Brigade "Stood To" at 5.30 a.m.. At 8 a.m. Lt.Col.Whitmore D.S.O commanding E.Yeo received orders "to advance" his regiment would be followed immediately by the 10th R.H and the R.H.G would be in reserve. The brigade was required to carry out the role already prepared for the purpose of seizing and holding the high grounds villages and woods on the eastern spurs facing the river SCARPE about 4000 yards E and N.E of MONCHY. These objectives were to be seized in the event of information being received that (1) The village of MONCHY was in the hands of our Infantry and that (2) the sunk road leading N. E from MONCHY to PELVES was in our occupation. Information as to No (1) and that the Infantry were advancing in an easterly direction had already been received by Brigadier General C.Bulkeley Johnson A.D.C Commanding 8th Cav.Bde. Lt.Colonel Whitmore D.S.O asked for half an hour in which to confer with Brig. Gen. Harman D.S.0 Commanding 6th Cav.Bde. Lt.Colonel Burt D.S.O Commanding 3rd Dragoon Guards whose Regiment would be acting on the right and With Lt.Colonel Hardwick D.S.O Commanding 10th R.Hussars whose regiment would be acting on the left. At 8.30 a.m. an advanced squadron of the Essex Yeo followed by an advanced squadron of the 10th R.Hussars under the Command of Lt.Chaplin and Capt.Gordon Canning respectively, each with one section of Machine guns advanced over southern end of ORANGE HILL meeting with severe barrage between that point and the enclosures on the N.W. of MONCHY and at the same time meeting with machine Gun Fire which apparently came from the North of the SCARPE -canal. On this account both leading squadrons changed their direction in a S. Easterly direction and entered MONCHY-LE-PRPDX at the N. Western entrance. At this moment the remainder of the two leading Regiments of the Brigade 10th R.Hussars and Essex Yeo were crossing the southern portion of ORANGE HILL where they were met with a heavy artillery barrage and suffered some casualties including Maj.Hill and 2nd/Lt White both of the Essex Yeomanry. At the N. Eastern entrance of the village only shell fire was met with, but many casualties occurred on account of the houses and hard road offering greater resistance to the high explosive shell. The two advanced squadrons

there proceeded as follows:- Essex Yeo via central road leading to the square, and thence by the sunken road leading N.E towards PELVES the 10th Royal Hussars following the Essex Yeo to the centre of MONCHY, thence, turning due N until they reached the outskirts of the village.

On emerging from the village, both these squadrons were held up by machine gun fire. By this time the remainder of the two regiments were already in village and the whole force of the German Artillery seemed to be concentrated upon it causing many casualties to Officers, men and horses. Machine guns and Hotchkiss Automatic Rifles were brought up at once from both regiments and distributed in positions surrounding the south east and north of the village, covering all entrances and slopes and making two strong points, one in the CHATEAU garden and one at the north eastern exit of the village. At this time Col.Hardwick D.S.O Commanding 10th R.Hussars with one squadron 10th R.Hussars endeavoured to make his way round the northern flank but again met with severe Machine gun Fire on the Northern outskirts of the village and was forced to turn in a south eastern direction through the wood. Whilst doing so he was wounded Capt.Greenwood Adjutant 10th R.Hussars was wounded immediately afterwards. It was now quite apparent that our Infantry were not holding the village, although the scattered remnants of the 111th and 112th Infantry Brigades were found in isolated places in and W of the CHATEAU. These were collected and they together with the 10th P.Hussars and Essex Yeo, the whole being under the Command of Lieut Col.Whitmore, D.S.O consolidated the positions gained on the Northern and Eastern outskirts of MONCHY by this time enemy shell and machine gun fire increased to such an extent that it appeared to indicate a probable counter attack and many of our Machine Gun and Automatic rifles were put out of action. The employment of abandoned Lewis Guns, wo of which were found, became necessary. Great difficulty was experienced in moving the led horses when it had become apparent that a further advance was impossible. This difficulty was due in the first place to casualties already caused which blocked the roads and secondly to the fact that so large a number of horses of so many units were seeking the same shelter outside the village thus attracting the fire of the enemy Artillery. On one occasion the enemy massed in the small copse 1000 yards

N.E of the village. Communication was difficult and artillery support hard to obtain, but no serious attempt at counter attack followed. Throughout the day shelling was heavy which rendered the work of consolidating the position difficult. This difficulty was further accentuated by the heavy state of the ground and by the fact that a large number of the tool packs had been destroyed. Men of the 111th and 112th Infantry Brigades were detailed for the purpose of conveying the wounded to the two dressing stations which had been established one at the Chateau by the medical Officer of the 10th R.Hussars and the other at the N.W exit of the village by the Medical Officer of the Essex Yeo. Many officers of both 10th R.Hussars and Essex Yeo had by now been wounded and information had been received to the effect that Brigadier General C.Bulkeley Johnson A.D.C Commanding 8th Cav.Bde. had been killed. Communication had been established with the 3rd Dragoon Guards on the right early in the day but the left flank remained somewhat exposed, and it was only by the employment of men of 111th Infantry Brigade that the gap on the left of our line was closed, and communication with the 63rd Brigade was established.

Lord Tweedmouth now commanding the Brigade sent Major the Earl of Pembroke's squadron of R.H,G to support the defence, but this Squadron was not able to get into MONCHY Capt Wilson being killed and Lieut Back wounded, also many men and horses of this squadron being killed or wounded.

By 5 p.m. the village was in a fair state of defence, but there were no reserves or supports available. Casualties continued throughout the evening both to officers and other Ranks, including Major Gold Essex Yeo, Capt. Gosling 10th R.Hussars, and Capt. Gilbey Essex Yeo. The greatest difficulty was experienced throughout the day in communication with the Brigade by any other means than by dispatch riders who did admirable service throughout. The signalling equipment of both regiments was destroyed.

There were constant visits over the lines from enemy aeroplanes during the day which were left to their own devices unmolested except from ourselves. Enemy aeroplanes swooped down and shot at the led horses with their Machine Guns. At dusk patrols were sent out from the two regiments which established the fact that the enemy were digging themselves in about 300 yards from the North Eastern outskirts of the village and in sectional trenches on the forward crest of Hill 100 about 800 yards due East from the village. About midnight the 37th Infantry Brigade took over most of the defences of MONCHY but the remainder could not be relieved until the following day owing to the insufficiency of troops. Lt.Colonel.Whitmore D.S.O handed over the defence of MONCHY to Lieut Col.Dawson Commanding West Kent regiment. April  11th 12th leaving Captain Palmes 10th R.Hussars in charge of those detachments of the 8th Cav.Bde. who were unable to be relieved. The casualties suffered by E.Yeo during the engagement were as follows:


Killed. Wounded. Missing. Total.

Officers - 13 - 13.

Other Ranks  18 94 10 122.



12/4/17 The regiment returned to lines recently occupied at GOUY-EN-ARTOIS. Strength 21 Officers, 488 O.Rs and 351 horses.

13/4/l7 An inspection of all clothes, small kits, saddlery and equipment was held in lines and indents drawn up as completely as possible. A very large percentage of the regiment sick with mild Trench feet. A parade was held in drill order in horses lines for address by the Commanding Officer.

14/4/17 2nd/Lt B.F.Wilmer and 22 O.Rs rejoined from MONCHY.

15/4/17 The late Brig.Gen.C.B.Hulkeley-Johnson A.D.C was buried at GODY-EN-ARTOIS Cemetery at 3 p.m. the regiment provided a party of 100 ORs under Lt. Tufnell and all Officers followed to grave side. The names of the following N.C.Os and men were placed on record for conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty during recent operation at MONCHY.


3217 R.S.M. Farrell C.

1088 Sgt.Jenkins.F.H.

80499 L/Cpl. Perry.A.E.

30485 Pte.Gardiner.W.G.

80728 Pte. Ridgwell.C.H.

80123 Pte.Thorn.H.

80322 Cpl. Wheatley.L.R.

80386 Pte Page.A.D.




80047 S.S.M. McKellar.W.N.

80027 Sgt. Crees G.C.

80116 Sgt. Siddons.G.

80247 Sgt. Grant.R.S.

80224 L/Cpl. Paton.L.

80864 Pte. Austin.F.

80611 Pte. Cordell.H.G.

80527 Pte. Caines.J.

81099 Pte. Claxton.A.J.

80567 Pte. Digby.H.

80593 Pte. Last. F.

80262 Pte. Moss.H.T.

80636 Pte. Self.C.

80285 Pte. Peacock.S.E.

80110 Pte. Sutton.O.T.

80514 Pte. Watts.W.

80728 Pte. Redgwell .C.N.

80518 Pte. Pryke.P.

80735 Pte. Putland. A. S.

81144 Pte. Pleasaat.W. J.

80094 Sgt. Aldous.F.G.

80327 Cpl. Midgley.C.G.H.

81112 Pte. Binns.H.

80998 Pte. Curtis.T.H.

80866 Pte. Hawes.A.W.

80632 Pte. Rampling.N.

80139 Pte. Steward B.G.

80704 Pte. Tompkins.E.

81157 Pte. Sandbrook.R.P.



80073 Sgt. Brown.J.

80124 Sgt. Ridgwell.W.

80244 Cpl. Pettitt G.

80937 L/CpI. Bucknell. J. N.

80080 L/Cpl. Bunting.W.W.

80169 Pte. Finch.E.

81068 Pte. King.W.A.

81192 Pte. Roper. W.

80570 Pte. Smith. E.W.

81033 Pte. Wood. C. E.

81069 L/Cpl. Kavanagh.P.T.

80634 Pte. Hazell.A.

80237 Cpl. Tompkins.A.0.

80272 Pte. Wood.D.

80117 Pte. Shrimpton.H.




80333 Sgt. Cook.L.G.

80180 Sgt. Rex.G.S.J.

80270 Cpl. Rowell.G.E.

80058 Cpl. Barbour.J.

80101 Sgt. Bugg.0.W.

80381 Cpl. Bruce.C.J.

80167 Pte. Hobrough.F.

80086 Pte. Hooper.

80119 Pte. Foster.G.C.

80240 Pte Matthams.D.

80307 Pte. Whiffen.M.J.

30350 Sgt. Pennall.W.H.

80470 Sgt. Hodge.G.

80601 Pte. Cowell.J.A.

80220 Pte. Holl.D.

80161 Pte. Saviill.W.C.



80074 L/Cpl. Leeks.P.H.

80219 L/Cpl.Law.L.H.

80115 L/Cpl.Tgtr.Stock.W.

81075 Pte. Johnson.C.F.


16/4/17 The regiment paraded in Drill order at the rear of Nissen Huts for Address by Maj.Gen.J.Vaughan,

C.B.,D.S.O.,G.O.C 3rd Cav.Division.

17/4/17 The Div.marched west. The regiment paraded at 9 a.m. and marched to BARLY via DOULENS.

18/4/17 Improvement of billets in new area. Inspection of feet and clean up.

19/4/17 The Div. again moved west. The regiment paraded at 9 a.m. and marched to BOIS-JEAN and LE-PUITS-BERRAULT "B" squadron occupying the latter village.



20/4/17 Improvements to new billeting area.

21/4/17 The Dismounted party including Major Parker, 2nd/Lt K.C.Herron, H.N.Long, and 62 O.Rs returned to regiment. First reinforcements from Base arrived including 2nd/Lt C.A.Collis and 12 O.Rs.

23 & 24/4/17 A party of 75 ORs under Lt.Chaplin proceeded to ECHINGEN to draw remounts. Work on wagons refitting and cleaning up continued daily.

25/4/17 Another party consisting of 46 ORs under Capt.R.A.Thomson proceeded to ECHINGEN for the purpose of drawing remounts. The first remount party returned with 150 riding horses most of a good stamp.

27/4/17 The second remount party returned with 91 Riding Horses of equally good class to first.

28 & 29/4/17 Schooling of Remounts began and continued daily. Many of the horses rather too big. These 32 in number were paraded for the Brigadier's inspection.

30/4/17 Second reinforcement party arrived from Base consisting of 109 O.R.s. These included a few wounded men of this unit including S.S.M McKellar but the men consisted mostly of drafts from other regiments. 5 D.G.s, Derbyshire Yeomanry, Hampshire Carbineers, Notts Yeomanry, and West Somersetshire Yeomanry.

1/5/17 The following Officers (W in A) are struck off the strength of the Regiment. Major.Gold.G., E.Hill, Lt.J.K.Swire, R.C.Weatherby, G.Wear and S.White.

2 & 3/5/17 Work of refitting the regiment continued.

Training continued daily with special reference to recent Draft Training consisted of Riding School, Musketry, and Hotchkiss Rifle Instruction. Inoculation at the rate of 50 of all ranks was carried out daily. 8 O.R were evacuated to Base for purpose of transfer to 1/4th Suffolk regiment under A.0 204 of 1916.

4/5/17 Presentation of Medal Ribbons by Corps Commander these decorations were awarded in connection with recent fighting near ARRAS.

D.S.O. Capt.E.S.Stork R.A.M,C attd. Essex Yeo.

M.C. Lt.J.C.Chaplin and Lt A.Winter-Rose.

D.C.M. 80047 S.S.M W. H.McKellar. & 80075 Sgt Brown.


80586 Pte. A.D.X.Page.

80272 Cp1.G.E.Rowell.

81192 Pte. W.Roper,

81023 Pte.H.Thorn,

80027 Sgt.G.E.Crees.

80244 Cpl.G.Pettitt.

80333 Sgt.L.G.Cook.

80139 Pte.B.G.Steward.

80180 Sgt.G.S.J.Rex,

80169 Pte.E.H.Finch.

80593 Pte.F.Last,

80161 Pte.W.C.Savill,

80937 L/Cpl.J.N.Bucknel1.

51616 Sgt.J.R.Tozer.

7/5/17 Casting parade 13 horses (R) evacuated. Cast by D.D.R

8/5/17 A course of instruction for junior Officers commenced. This course as drawn up consisted of 12 Lectures and 12 staff rides under Maj.E.A. Ruggles-Brise, Maj.A.Buxton,D.S,O, Capt.R.A. Thomson and Capt.E.Stork (Medical).

9/5/17 Inspection of all horses by G.O.C 8th Cav.Brigade.

12/5/17 Brigade concentrated in eastern portion of area Essex Yeo proceeded to area SAULCHOY-ARGOULES vacated by 3rd D.G.s Dismounted men of Brigade assembled at BEAURAINVILLE under Capt.R.A.Thomson Essex Yeo for conveyance by Motor Lorry to final bivouac.


13/5/17 The regiment paraded at 9.15 a.m. and proceeded to GENNE IVERNEY.

14/5/17 The regt paraded at 10 a.m. and proceeded to BARLY.


15/5/17 The regt paraded at 8 a.m.  and proceeded to HAVERNA.

16/5/17 The regt paraded at ?.l5 a.m. and proceeded to QUERRIEU.


17/5/17 The regt paraded at 9 a.m and proceeded to HAMEL


18/5/17 Rested one day which was devoted to cleaning up.

19/5/17 The regt. paraded at 7.30 a.m. and proceeded to bivouacs at COURCELLES via MERICOUIRT-DOMPIERRE HERBECOURT BIACHES PERONNE. the dismounted party had prepared horse lines and joined the regt. on its arrival.

20-22/5/17 Training commenced including parades per specialists daily under regimental Bombing Officer, Regimental Sniping Officer and squadron Hotchkiss Officers and junior Officers class.

23/5/17 Arrival of 83 ORs from Base. These to replace men adversely reported upon.



24/5/17. 67 ORs evacuated to Base as unsuitable for Cavalry soldiers. Work which commenced on arrival in building cookhouses, bivies &c. was continued.

25/5/17 A practise dismounted attack was carried out by the Brigade on the lines laid down in B.M.78. The Brigade concentrated at BUIRE and deployed from neighbourhood of DOLORES WOOD with R.H.G on right, 10th R.H, on left and E.Y. in support.

28/5/17 Whitsunday. A Brigade Church parade was held at DOLORES WOOD with band of 10th R.H. in attendance.

29-30/5/17 Training continued including full strength paraded for instruction in quick wiring.


30/5/17 16 ORs evacuated to Base in addition to those referred to under entry of 24th inst.

1/6/17 Training continued. 11.O.R.s Snipers paraded at 6p.m. to proceeded to D.I sub.Section as sniping and O.P. personnel. 2nd/Lt W.A.Tuczek  attd 3rd Sig. Sqdn. struck off strength.

2/6/17 Trench party.(Strength 10 Officers 320 ORs) under Maj.J.O.Parker proceeded to D.I. Sub.Section.

3-5/6/17 Exercising and Grazing of horses. Work continued in improvement of horse lines and bivouacs.

6/6/17 Junior Officers class recommenced. Lt.C.A.Collis and 5 O.R.s commenced a course in stoke Trench Mortar under Capt.Braithwaite Infantry.

3212 T/RSM Farrell.C. awarded Medaille Millitarre for gallantry in action on 11th April 1917.

7-9/6/17 Exercising and grazing continued, also trench Mortar Practise and Junior Officers class. 2nd/Lt W.Ritchie and 24 ORs. Reinforcements arrived from Base on 9th 20 ORs from Labour Battns temporally attached for hay making.

10/6/17 Tactical Scheme with stokes T.M. carried out at 3.30 p.m. 2.30. Riding school for recent draft commenced under R.S.M.Farrell. Haymaking commenced under 2nd/Lt H.H.Newman.

11/6/17 Riding school. Junior Officer Class. grazing continued. A concert organised by Capt.Gibbs.C.F. was held at QUARRY near DOLORES WOOD in evening.

12/6/17 The following Officers made a reconnaissance of routes to dismounting points 2nd/Lt R.D.Holland, 2nd/Lt W.Ritchie and 2nd/Lt S.W.Taylor.

13/6/17 2nd/Lt B.F.Wilmer and Intelligence Personnel of H.Q D.I sub.section proceeded to trenches with Adv. Bde.H.Q. personnel.

14/6/17. Training and Grazing continued.

15/6/17 Junior Officers class dis-continued. From 15th Lt.Co1.F.H.D.C.Whitmore,D.S.O took over command of D.I.Sub.Section (see diary below)

16-17/6/17 Essex Yeo. details under command of Maj.J.O.Parker continued work on improvement of bivouac and watering place. Haymaking continued. Riding school for recent draft under Sgt.Major McKellar.

18/6/17 As before recent draft paraded for inspection by Corps Commander.

19/6/17 8 ORs Reinforcements from Cav. entrenching Battn taken on strength.

20-21/6/17 Riding school. Grazing &c all as before.

22/6/17 Lt.Col.F.H.D.C.Whitmore D.S.O handed over Command of D.I Sub.Section to O.C. Leicester Yeo and whole party returned to bivouacs on morning of 22nd with the exceptance of Lt.J.C.Chaplin, 2nd/Lt G.Horsfall and 53 O.Rs who remained as working party.

23/6/17 General clean up of clothes, equipment and saddlery. The recent draft paraded in drill order for inspection by C.0.

24/6/17 Church parade 10 a.m. in QUARRY. exercise and grazing Lt.J.G.Chaplin rejoined from dismounted party.

25/6/17 Capt.E.Stork D.S.O.,R.A.M.C went on leave 26/6/17 to 5/7/17.

26/6/17 2nd/Lt K.C.Herron transferred as town Major from LONGAVESNES to EPEHY (Auth 3 C.D.6537)

27/6/17 Lt.A.Winter-Rose M.C. leave to UK 27/6/17 to 7/7/17.

28/6/17 2nd/Lt G.L.Horsfall and 53 ORs from Dismounted rejoined.

24-30/6/17 Training continued for snipers, Bombers, Hotchkiss rifle. Haymaking operations under 2nd/Lt H.H.Newman. During the month the officers atteilded courses in the subjects named.

2nd/Lt G.V.H.Ridley sniping(At fourth army sniping schl)

2nd/Lt C.g.Collis. Stokes Mortar(At T.M.School AMIENS)


Diary of D.I. Sub. Sector whilst Commanded by

Lt. Col. F. H. D. C.Whitmore D.S.O.


14/15 Relief’s. 10th R.H. relieved R.H.G in outpost and green support line. R.H.G relieved E.Y. in Green line. E.Y. relieved 10th R.H. in Brown line.

15/6/17 Weather fine everything quiet. Some Intermittent shelling chiefly N.E in direction of TOMBOIS VALLEY FARM and CATELET VALLEY. Enemy apparently observing from A.I a 56 & 30. C.3.2. Disappeared when we started shelling. Aerial activity normal on our side. Wire of enemy's advanced trench appears to join up with support wire at point X 30 C 57 work continued on improvement of trenches especially in vicinity of BIRDCAGE. Casualties 31031 Pte.Shaw 10th R.H (accidentally) G.S.W. night passed quietly Work continued on improving trenches. H.Q. E.Y relieved 10th R.H and Lt.Col.F,H.D.C.Whitmore took over command of D.I Sub.Sector from Lt.Col.W.O. Gibbs.

16/6/17 Weather fine Hostile shelling directed intermittently at and about PRIEL FARM QATELET VALLEY TOMBOIS VALLEY and in direction of LEMPIRE. At 8.35 a.m. a man was observed in trench shelled by us yesterday V 30 C.33. Our aeroplanes were active from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Four Hostile machines crossed our line one returning quickly and others flying high. Enemy is sapping back from advanced line F.6 a 74 and strengthening his wire at X30 a 45 8th Cav.Bde. T.M. teams joined H.Q. "HART" with Lt. Lowther 10th R. H in charge and accompanied by Capt.Wooton Infantry. Slight thunderstorm in afternoon.

16 & 17 A raid was carried out from BIRDCAGE as follows.

A party of sniper and bombers left BIRDCAGE at 11.20 p.m. about X 29 b 90 and moved in a N.E. by E direction for about 130 yds where touch was made with enemy covering party who were making considerable noise. O.C. Patrol 2nd/Lt R.D.Holland went back and reported to O.C."HART" Sap held a covering party in front. Stokes barrage necessary latter started about 12.50 a.m. and lasted 3 minutes after which patrol formed strong point at X 30 a 2 3 Bombers then made a raid on trenches which a party of 12 of the enemy evacuated for a position 15 yds in rear. Bomb fire was opened by our bombers and enemy simultaneously enemy’s  range was too great ours correct and undoubtedly whole enemy party was killed. Patrol returned 1 a.m. Casualties Lt.G.Glynn 10th R.H. and 2nd/Lt A Lowther 10th R.H both wounded result of enemy's fire on our front trenches as they

did not take part in raid. A reconnaissance patrol of rifles and bombers under Lt.R.L.Sale,R.H.G was detached from above patrol and located enemy in converted shell hole about X 30 C 59 from whence he retired to a stronger post in rear and was reinforced. This patrol returned after raiding party had re entered our trenches. No casualties.

18/6/17 Weather fine in general but heavy thunderstorm occurred during afternoon and continued intermittently during evening. Hostile artillery was directed against LEMPIRE TOMBOIS VALLEY CATELET VALLEY and in and about little PRIEL FARM. There was considerable trench mortar activity (hostile) into BIRDCAGE. A number of men were seen in enemy’s trenches at various intervals during day apparently observing. Work on improvement of trenches and shelters was continued and work on OSSUS trench begun.

18 & 19 "A" squadron 10th R.H. relieved two troops "B" squadron 10th R.H. and two troops "C" squadron 10th R.H. in outpost line. "A" squadron E.Y. relieved "D" squadron R.H.G in T Post.

"D" squadron R.H.G Details relieved "A" squadron

R.H.G Details in G Post, and 1 officer and 13 ORs "B" squadron R.H.G in H Post. 2 troops "B" squadron 10th R.H and 2 troops "C"squadron 10th R.H. relieved "A" squadron 10th R.H in intermediate line R.H.G Details relieved Brown line otherwise night passed quietly. Weather variable. Hot during early part of day but with intermittent rain and thunderstorms. Hostile artillery directed against PRIEL Farm CATELET VALLEY and TOMBOIS F.M.VALLEY. Enemy do not appear to use their A.A. Guns so much as they used to. Work continued on outpost line in drainage and improvement to garrison more particularly at BIRDCAGE where new trenches and M.G positions and Stoke Mortar emplacements were made.

19 & 20 Weather not improving intermittent heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. Hostile T.M. and artillery directed against BIRDCAGE. Overhead fire carried out by 8th M.G.S on enemy ration party on road at S.25 b.

20/6/17 Enemy continued to direct his artillery and T.M. against BIRDCAGE impeding the progress of our working party there. About 150 H.E and shrapnel were received. There was very little aerial activity during the day atmospheric conditions not being favourable. Work was carried out in draining and improving outposts and continued on Stokes Gun emplacements and ammunition stores in BIRDCAGE Casualties:

6804 Sgt Price 10th R.H. )

4706 Pte Porch 10th R.H. ( At Duty.

29889 Pte Bntcher. 10thR.H.)


20 & 21 7th M. G. S relieved 8th M. G. S in D. I Sub. Sector.

2 squadron L.V.C relieved 1 squadron 10th R.H in Intermediate line. H.Q and 3 squadrons 1st L.G.s relieved H.Q and 2 squadrons E.Y and 1 squadron R.H.G in Brown line. Much rain during early part of evening and weather conditions unfavourable.


1/7/17 Exercise and grazing.

2/7/17 The regiment moved from CODRCELLES to SUZANNE. The dismounted party remained at COURCELLES.

The following extracts from LONDON GAZETTE of 16/6/17 were published in Regimental order.

Lt.(T.Capt) R.A.Thomson to be Lt. (T Capt) with precedence as from 5-8-14 17-6-17. Relinquishes the Temp rank of Capt 17/6/17.

2nd/Lt (T.Lt) A.Winter Rose to be Lt with precedence as from 10-9-16 15-12-16.

2nd/Lt (T.Lt.) F.D.Balfour to be Lt. with precedence as from 10-9-16 17-1-16.

2nd/Lt (T.Lt ) R.C.Weatherby to be LT.with precedence as from 10-9-16.

2nd/Lt R.W.Bruce (T.Lt.) relinquishes the T rank of Lieut 17-6-17.

3/7/17 The 8th Cav.Bde continued to march leaving SUZANNE at 9.30 a. m. and following a route BRAY-MORLANCOURT bivouaced for the night in an area HEILLY MERICOURT-L'ABBE-TREUX. Essex Yeomanry were bivouaced at MERICOURT L'ABBE. 10537 Pte.Graham.J. awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in action.


5/7/17 March continued to area REBREUVIETTE ESTRE WAMIN route DOULLENS S of R.GROUCHES GROUCHES E side of RERREUVIETTE Essex Yeomanry billeted for a night at RERREUVIETTE.

6/7/17 The 8th Cav.Bde. marched to its final destruction. Route MAGNICOURT via CANCHE GOUY EN TERNOIS FOUFFLIN RICAMETZ ROELLCOURT BRURS. Essex yeomanry were allotted billeted at CAMBLAIN CHATELAIN.



7/7/17 Exercise and clean up of equipment  saddlery &c.

8/7/17 Exercise and grazing and improvement of billets.

9/7/17 Exercise and grazing Musketry in afternoon. Capt.E.Stork D.S.O returned from leave.

10/7/17 Exercise and grazing and improvement of billets.

11/7/17 Dismounted party rejoined regiment.

12/7/17 Regimental musketry practise at Canadian Corps school range H 4 D 50 Lt A. Winter Rose M.C. rejoined from leave.

13/7/17 Training continued. Maj.G.Gold and E.Hill rejoined regiment from U.K. Maj.J.O.Parker appointed to command divisionalised A 2 echelon in the event of mounted operations and 2nd/Lt R.W.Bruce as galloper to Brigade Headquarters for same purpose.

14/7/17 Exercise inter troops. Musketry competitions at 1.20 B(36 d 1/40000)

15/7/17 Exercise and grazing.

16/7/17 Exercise and grazing.

17/7/17 The regiment moved from CAMBLAIN CHATELAIN to THIENNES


18/7/17 Exercise and improvement of billets. 2nd/Lt R.W.Bruce to U.K. on leave.

19-21/7/17 Training.

22/7/17 All mares in the regiment were paraded and selection made for breeding purposes. Capt.V.T.G.Hine to U.K. on leave.

23/7/17 Inspection of A1 Echelon in Sq THIENNES. Maj. A. Buxton, DS0 and 6 O.Rs proceeded to musketry school ROMBLY to join a staff of Instructors and makers. A party of 3 officers and 25 O.Rs proceeded to Hotchkiss Course at CAMIERS.

24-27/7/17 Training.

28/7/17 Regimental musketry practise at Range ROMBLY Maj.E.A.Ruggles Brise M.C to U.K. on leave.

29-31/7/17 Training.

1/8/17 Riding school and squadron training. 2nd/Lt F.D. Balfour returned from leave.

2-4/8/17 Riding school and squadron training. Lt.R.A.Thomson proceeded on leave (3/8/17)

5/8/17 Ceremonial parade & Divine service held at [editor note - a space was left here but no entry made] to commemorate fourth anniversary of War. 2/Lt W.A.Tuczek seconded for duty with Army Signal Service 24/3/17. 2nd/Lt R.D.Holland to U.K. on leave.

6/8/17 Riding school and training. Divisional Musketry Competition held at ROMBLY range. A dismounted party of 50 O.R proceeded under charge of 2nd/Lt A.D. Lippett with 2n/Lt W.Ritchie as adjutant to Divisional party. 2nd/Lt.H.H.Newman appointed Transport officer to date from 13th July 1917.

7/8/17 Riding school and squadron training. Certain events of the regimental Horse show were judged in the square at THIENNES by Lt.Col. Lord Tweedmouth, Major F.B.Stapleton Bretherton and Capt.C.Kerr M.C. 2nd/Lt L. Solaini and 2 O.R proceeded to sniping school LINGHEM for sniping course. Major J.O. Parker returned from leave. 2nd/Lt L.B.Hore returned from duty at ROMBLY range.

8/8/17 "A" squadron trained on RACQUINGHEM Heath. 2nd/Lt B.F.Wilmer  proceeded on leave to PARIS PLAGE Lt.J.C.Chaplin M.C. and 2nd/Lt N.N.Long to U.K. on leave.

9/8/17 Riding school and squadron training. 2nd/Lt T.H.Polkinghorne to Hospital. During the above period lst - 9thAug. the weather was extremely unfavourable and much rain fell. The neighbouring districts of ISBERGUES BERGUETTE &c were subject to night attacks by hostile aircraft and bombs were dropped on THIENNES but no damage caused.

10/8/17 The Brigade less R.H.G and G Battn R.H.A moved to a new billeting area. BERGUETTE being allotted to Essex Yeo. The regiment marched independently via LA ROUPIE and ISBERGUES. 2nd/Lt B.F.WILMER returned from leave.



11/8/17 Exercise and improvement of billets. 2nd/Lt.R.W.Bruce returned from leave.

12/8/17 Divine service in school BERGUETTE 2nd/Lt.L.Solaini and 2 O.R returned from sniping school LINGHEM.

13/8/17 The G.O.C 3rd Cav.Div. inspected the horses of the regiment. The construction of a new rifle range was commenced near BERGUETTE station.

14/8/17 Training under squadron arrangements. New range proceeded with and completed. Musketry practise for "A" squadron in afternoon. Concert arranged by Captain Gibbs C.F in YMCA Hut BERGUETTE station. Band of 2 L.G in attendance. Lt.S.J.Tufnell and 2nd/Lt C.A.Collis granted leave to U.K.

15/8/17 Musketry practise by "B" and "C" squadrons. Lt.F.D. Balfour rejoined from leave.

16/8/17 The Brigadier inspected the regiment in full marching order on the BERGUETTE GUARBEQUE road. Musketry for "B" squadron in afternoon. 2nd/Lt R.D Holland returned from leave.

17/8/17 Squadron training. Inspection of "A" squadron by Commanding Officer. Musketry for "C" squadron and Headquarters.

18/8/17 Squadron training and musketry.

19/8/17 Memorial service for Officers, N.C.Os, and men killed at MONCHY 11/4/17 held at Y.M.C.A hut BERGUETTE station, LT.Co1.F.H.D.C.Whitmore,D.S.O proceeded to U.K. on leave. Lt.J.C.Chaplin M.C returned from leave.

20/8/17 Inspection of 8th Cav.Bde. by Corps Commander. Course of Physical training commenced.

21/8/17 Exercise and Musketry. 2nd/Lt G.V.N.Ridley from leave.

22/8/17 Exercise and Musketry.

23/8/17 Exercise and Musketry.

24/8/17 Exercise and Musketry. Dismounted relieved by one of the same strength. 2nd/Lt.A.D.Lippett relieved by 2nd/Lt.W.Brown. Major.J.O.Parker took over command of Brigade dismounted party. 2nd/Lt W.Ritchie relieved as Adjutant by an officer 10th R.H. eliminating trials for Brigade horse show held at aerodrome ISBERGUES.

25/8/17 Exercise and Musketry. 3rd Cav. Div. Horse Show held at BUSNES E.Y. entered for troop Competition Best troop Horse, light weight Charger and G.S wagon and team. Major A Buxton D.S.O rejoined from sniping party school LINGHEM.

26/8/17 Divine service in school BERGUETTE. Lt.S.J.Tufnell from leave. 2nd/Lt B.F.Wilmer and 2nd/Lt L.B.Hore granted leave to U.K.

27/8/17 Exercise and Musketry. 2nd/Lt C.A.Collis returned from leave. 2nd/Lt (T.Lt) G.Windle seconded to regiment of R.E. for duty as D.G.O 3rd Cav.Div. and to retain his temporary rank.

28/8/17 Exercise and Musketry. G.O.C 8th Cav.Bde. inspected "A" squadron in full marching order and horses of "B" and "C" Squadrons. An equitation class for subaltern officers of "A" and "C" squadrons commenced 2nd/Lt G.L. Horsfall granted leave to PARIS. 2nd/Lt.L.Solaini and 2nd/Lt P.R. Jermyn granted leave to U.K.

29/8/17 Exercise and Musketry equitation for officers. Inspection by G.O.C 8th Cav Bde of "B" and "C" squadron H.Q. Horses.

30/8/17 Exercise Training. Physical Drill Musketry.

31/8/17 During the regiments stay in BERGUETTE the village has been subject to several night attacks by hostile aircraft. Weather fair.

1/9/17 A party of Officers and O.R.s proceeded by Motor bus to Cavalry Corps held at Regimental entries.

2/9/17 Divine service in school BERGUETTE. 2nd/Lt.G.V.N. Ridley returned from leave. Major A. Buxton D.S.O to Hotchkiss school LE TOUQUET.

3/9/17 Exercise and Musketry and Bayonet training. Inspection of horses for casting by D.D.R at 0.9 b 6.2 3.6 a.

4/9/17 Exercise Musketry and Bayonet training. Major J.O.Parker to hospital wounded from Dismounted party. Lt.Col.F.H.D.C.Whitmore, D.S.O from leave.

5/9/17 Exercise and Musketry and Bayonet training. Instruction in equitation for all subaltern officers commenced under Major G.G.Gold. For.S.S.M and senior N.C.Os under R. S. M. FarreIl and for N. C. Os under S.S.W.McKellar.W. 2nd/Lt W.Brown leave to U.K.

6/9/17 Exercise. Regimental staff ride. equitation musketry Bayonet training and Gas instruction.

7/9/17 Exercise, Equitation, Musketry, Bayonet Training. Inspection of "A" and "B" echelons of 8th Cav.Bde A.S.C 3rd Cav.Div. on AIRE MOLINGHEM road. 2nd/Lt B.F.Wilmer and 2nd/Lt L.B.Hore from leave.

8/9/17 Exercise &c as for 7/9/17. The Brigadier inspected all rides and parades of the regiment. 2nd/Lt G. Horsfall from leave.

9/9/17 Divine service in school BERGUETTE. 2nd/Lt.P.R. Jermyn and 2nd/Lt L.Solaini from leave.

10/9/17 Exercise and training.

11/9/17 Training continued 2nd/Lt A.D.Lippett from leave.

12/9/17 Inspection of regiment by G.O.C 3rd Cav.Div. "B" sqdn in full marching order. Subaltern officers ride under Major G.Gold. N.C.O.s ride under R.S.M. Major.A. Buxton D.S.O returned from Hotchkiss school. 2nd/Lt C.A.Hall to U.K.on leave.

13/9/17 Training in all Branches continued.

14/9/17 Training in all Branches continued. 2nd/Lt E.K. Collins attached to 1/1 H.A.C.

15/9/17 Training.

16/9/17 Divine service in school BERGUETTE. 2nd/Lt.W. C. B  Schwier from leave.

17/9/17 Inspection of the regiment by Brig.Gen.R.B. Colvin  CB. who raised the E.Y Musketry and Bayonet training in afternoon.

18/9/17 Equitation, Musketry &c. The training of Despatch riders commenced. Tactical ride for officers held by Brigadier in afternoon. 2nd/Lt.S.I.Taylor to U.K. on leave.

19/9/17 Training continued.

20/9/17 Training continued. A message was received from Brig.Gen.R.B.Colvin,C.B. to say how pleased he was the appearance of the regiment in every respect and he wished to convey to the regiment the thanks of the country for the gallant service it had rendered and also their congratulations on the glorious fame the regiment had achieved.

21/9/17 Inspection of the regiment in the execution of a tactical scheme by G.O.C 3rd Cav.Div. 2nd/Lt. C. A. Hall Hall from leave.

22/9/17 Training continued.

23/9/17 Divine service in the school BERGUETTE. 2nd/Lt A.D. Lippett from leave.

24/9/17 Training continued. The following was published in regimental order Extract from London Gazette of 15/9/17 Army medical service. The following granted Temp. rank as dated. As Capt.(Capt.E.P.W  Wedd Yeo T.F(July 21st).

25/9/17 Training continued Capt.V.T.G Hine from leave. 2nd/Lt G.L. Horsfall to U.K. on leave.

26/9/17 Training continued.

27/9/17 Training continued. 10 O.R.s transferred to Base under Anth A.G.A/13010 Lt.S.J. Tufnell proceeded to Base as conducting Officer.

28/9/17 Training.

29/9/17 Training Major A. Buxton D.S.O to U.K. on leave.

30/9/17 Divine service in school BERGUETTE. Dismounted party of 1 officer (2nd/Lt.J.Brown) and 46 O.Rs rejoined regiment. 2nd/Lt.S.W.Taylor from leave.

1/10/17 Training in equitation, Despatch Riding, Musketry, and Bayonet work continued.

2/10/17 Bayonet work continued. A party of 27 O.Rs despatched to Base as being surplus to establishment. conducting officer LT.R.W. Bruce. The dismounted working party of 2nd/Lt J. Brown and 46 O.Rs rejoined regiment. 2nd/Lt W.H. Nash appointed Draft conducting officer and struck off strength.

3/10/17 Training continued. Lt.S.J. Tufnell returned from Base.

4/10/17 Training continued. 2nd/Lt L. Abraham seconded to R.F.C as flying Officer (Observer). The following officers were promoted under Anth. G.R.O 2572 to be Lieuts:- 2nd/Lt.G.L.Horsfall, 2nd/Lt W.A. Tuczek, 2nd/Lt R.W.Bruce, 2nd/Lt B.F.Wilmer, 2nd/Lt L.B.Hore, 2nd/Lt H.H.Newman, 2nd/Lt.W.Ritchie and 2nd/Lt R.D. Holland.

5/10/17 The regiment took part in a Divisional tactical exercise. Musketry training continued.

6/10/17 Training.

7/10/17 Divine service. Church parade and Holy Communion in school BERGUETTE. Evensong 7 p.m. same place. Winter time came into force.

8/10/17 Exercise. Full marching parades in anticipation of an early move. Lt. R.W. Bruce returned from Base.

9/10/17 Exercise and squadron parades.

10/10/17 A concert was given in the evening by the "Wizz Bangs" held in Y.M.C.A Hut BERGUETTE.

11/10/17 The 8th Cav.Bde moved to an area about ROBECQ ST VENANT. The regiment paraded at 9.45 a.m. and proceeded by the route GUARBECQUE ST VENANT road to HARTE VENTE and BAS HAMEL.


12/10/17 Exercise and improvement of billets.



15/10/17 Equitation and squadron training.

16/10/17 Equitation continued. A demonstration in destroying German Field Guns was given by a R.H.A officer of 7th Cav.Bde. Assistance in Harvest work was given to local farmers.

17/10/17 The 8th Cav.Bde. moved to billets in the PERNES area The regiment paraded at 6.30 a.m. and marched via HAMLET BILLET,BUSNES,LILLER5,PERNES to CAMBLAIN CHATELAIN.


18/10/17 Exercise and improvement of billets.


20/10/17 Exercise and improvement of billets 2nd/Lt N.H. Polkinghorne classified as "P.B" and struck off strength.

21/10/17 The 8th Cav.Bde moved to FREVENT area. The regiment marched to ESTREE WAMIN and REBREUVIETTE via ST POL PREVENT.


22/10/17 March continued to CANAPLES area. The regiment marched via WERGNY LUCHEDUX DOULLENS BEAUVAL to an area NAOURS and HAVERNAS. "A" and "C" squadrons billeted at NAOURS "B" squadron at WARGNIES and H. Q. at HAVERNAS


23-25/10/17 Exercise and improvement of billets.

26/10/17 The following Officers arrived from Base 2nd/Lt E.F. McFadden, 2nd/Lt F.C. Doe, Lt.J.K. Swire, 2nd/Lt C.E. Devin, 2nd/Lt G. Wear.

27/10/17 A party consisting of Lt.B.F. Wilmer, 2nd/Lt.J.Brown and 96 O.R.B proceeded to join the 3rd Cav.Div. Pioneer Battalion working under C.R.E Cav.Corps at DOINGT. Major J.O. Parker in Command of the 2nd/Lt E.K. Collins attached 1/lst H.A.C and struck off strength.

28/10/17 Exercise and Divine Service. Voluntary Church parade and Holy Communion at HAVERNAS. Evensong at NAOURS.

29-31/10/17 Exercise and improvement of Billets.

1 & 2/11/17 Exercise and improvement of Billets. Inspection of horses of "A" and "C" squadron by Commanding Officer and O.C. 20th Mobile Section.

3/11/l7 Selection of horses for demonstration purposes at Corps equitation school.

4/11/17 Divine service. Evensong in school at WARGNIES 6.30pm.

5/11/17 Training commenced. Range practise. The C.O. and O.C 20th Mobile Section inspected the horses of "B" squadron.

6/11/17 Training in accordance with an arranged programme.

7/11/17 Inspection of the horses of the regiment by the GOC 3rd Cav. Div. in squadron area. He afterwards inspected the range and one sqdn at work on same.

8/11/17 Training continued. Inspection of horses for casting by A.D.V.S at HAVERNAS.

9-10/11/17 Training continued.

11/11/17 Exercise. Divine service.-Holy Communion at HAVERNAS. Church paraded and Holy Communion at NAOURS. Evensong at WARGNIES.

12/11/17 Training in Musketry. Despatch riding and equitation.

13/11/17 Training in Musketry. Lt R.W.Bruce attached to H.Q 8th Cav.Bde as decoding Officer.

14-15/11/17 Training.

16/11/17 Full marching order parades were hold and other preparations made for an early move.

17/11/17 Full marching order parades were h9ed and other preparations made for an early move.

18/11/17 The 8th Cav.Bde. moved to the BRAY SUR SOMME area. The regiment paraded at 4.30p.m. on the NAOURS TALMAS road and proceeded via HERRISART-CONTAY-FRANVILLERS-HEILLY-MORLANCOURT to BRAY.


19/11/17 At 9.a.m. the regiment stood by to move off at a moments notice in support of the Cavalry which had already advanced on the CAMBRAI front communiques received at this time were very favourable and everything indicated the probability of an early move forward. No further orders having been received the order was at 10.30 a.m. to "off saddle" and be ready to move at 1/2 hours notice. This order was afterwards extended to l 1/2 hours notice and this state of readiness continued throughout the day and until evening of the 22nd. Major G.Gold attd 2nd Cav.Div.

22/11/17 Orders were received late in the day that the Div. would move to the CONTAY area the next day.


23/11/17 Div. moved to CONTAY area E.Y being billeted at ALLONVILLE CARDONETTE and COISY. During the whole period the Brigade was on the march indifferent weather was experienced and there was intermittent rain fall.

24/11/17 Exercise and improvement of Billets. Maj.G.Gold returned from liaison duty with 2nd Cav.Div. Orders were received to be ready to move mounted or dismounted at a moments notice and the regiment "stood to" in accordance with these orders until the evening.

25/11/17 Divine service. Evensong at COISY Presbyterian Nonconformist at CARDONETTE. An epidemic of Epizootic Lymphangitis having broken out in the Cavalry Corps. Steps were taken to segregate all horses suffering from kicks or other injuries. The regiment was at two hours notice to move from billets back to the BRAY area until orders were received at 6.30 p.m that the Bde was no longer on short notice.

26/11/17 Exercise and improvement of billets.

27/11/17 Training re commenced. Equitation, Despatch riders Bayonet fighting.

28/11/17 The C.O inspected the horses of "C" squadron at the chateau COI5Y. Training continued as before.

29/11/17 Training continued.

30/11/17 The C.O inspected the horses of "B" squadron at CARDONETTE. Full strength parades and inspections of the Dismounted party were held preparatory to their departure. Extract from London Gazette Supplement dated 20th November 1917.Lieut and Adjutant A.Winter Rose M.C is granted acting rank of Captain with the pay and allowances of Lieut whilst holding the appointment of Adjutant.

1/12/17 Maj.G.Gold,Lt.S.J.Tufnell, J.K.Swire, G.Wear, and W.Brown and about 206 O.Rs left by motor lorries to form a company in the 8th Dismounted Bde. and went to BERNES.

2/12/17 Regiment moved billets and went to PICQUIGNY and LE CHAUSSEE


3/12/17 D.D.R inspected horses and selected about 80 for transfer to east. The regiment now being very short of men could do no training and all the time was devoted to the horses.

10/12/17 C.O inspected all the horses on the 9th and 10th.

14/12/17 C.O inspected the horses of the transport.

21/12/17 Lt.Hore and Collis went to the Dismounted Company and relieved Lt.TufneIl and Swire.


23/12/17 The regiment moved into billets at VIGNACOURT HAVERNAS and NAOURS.

26/12/17 Lt. Colonel Whitmore D.S.0 went to VADENCOURT to take over command of 8th Dismounted Bde. The E.Y. furnished the H.Q staff and they went up on the 27th. Major E. Hill, Captain A.W. Rose M.C, E. Stork D.S.O, Lt. P.D. Balfour, 2nd/Lt Solaini and Green went up relieved Major G.Gold, Lt.Wear and Brown.W.
About the middle of the month there was a heavy fall of snow which prevented any mounted training being carried out the snow and frost continued till the end of the month.
During the month Lt.J.C.Chaplin M.C and 2nd/Lt C.A.Hall Hall went to the Cav.Corps Equitation school. Lt. G. L. Horsfall, 2nd/Lt W. Ritchie and W.C.V.Schwier attended the 3rd 2nd/Lt P.R.Jermyn and 2 O.R.s attended Cav.Corps Power Buzzer course. 2nd/Lt S.W.Taylor and F.C.Doe attended H.A.R school at LE TOUQUET.

1/1/18 During the early part of the month there was a heavy snowfall and this together with shortage of men prevented any serious training or work being done.

2/1/18 2nd/Lt E.J.McFadden proceeded to join E.Y detachment of 8th Dismounted Brigade.

4/1/18 Major G.Gold commanding details in Back area inspected the horses of "A" and "C" squadrons .Lt.L.B.Hore transferred to Tank Corps and struck
off strength. Anth.3 C.D list 66 7447/1.

6/1/18 Divine service. Evensong at VIGNACOURT.

8/1/18 2nd/Lt E.J.McFadden returned from dismounted party.

9/1/18 Exercise and parade of horses for casting.

11/1/18 Exercise. Lt.G.L.Horsfall and 2nd/Lt W.C.V.Schweir proceeded to join Dismounted party 2nd/Lt B.W.Green to Hospital.

12/1/18 Major.G.G.Gold inspected the horses of H.Q Fighting strength.

13/1/18 Divine service. Evensong at NAOURS 6.30 p.m.

14/1/18 Exercise. Parade of horses for casting.

15/1/18 Exercise. 2nd/Lt C.A. Coillis rejoined from Dismounted party. 2nd/Lt E.J. McFadden appointed Town Major


16/1/18 8th Dismounted Bde. was relieved by 9th Dismounted. Bde, Lt. Colonel Whitmore, D.S.O handed over Command to O.C.15th Hussars. 2 officers 72 O.R.s remained behind to join E.Y. troop of 3rd Cav.Div.Pioneer regiment.

19/1/18 2nd/Lt B.T.Green from hospital.

20/1/18 Divine Service. Voluntary Church parade at HAVERNAS 12.15 P.M.

21/1/18 Equitation commenced under squadron arrangements. The C.O inspected the horses of "A" squadron at NAOURS. Lt.W.Ritchie to dismounted party to superintend work on defences. Extracts from London Gazette dated 1/1/18 published in regimental order 21/1/18 LT. Colonel F.H.D.C. Whitmore D.S.0 to be an additional member of the 3rd class or Companion of the most distinguished order of ST Michael and ST George. Captain R.G. Proby awarded the Military Cross. R.Q.M.S Joscelyne H.B awarded the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal.

22/1/18 The C.O. inspected the horses of "B" squadron at HAVERNAS.

23/1/18 Equitation under squadron arrangements. Lecture on Training subjects. Captain V.T.G. Hine to hospital.

24/1/18 A relief of 1 officer and 72 0.Rs entrained at VIGNACOURT to relieve E.Y. detachment of 3rd Cav. Pioneer regiment. Captain R.A. Thomson proceeded in charge of Brigade party. 2nd/Lt H.N. Long granted an indefinite extension of leave and struck off strength. Auth 3 C.D 6310/49.

25/1/18 2nd/Lt.W.C.V.Schwier relieved personnel of 3rd Cav. Pioneer regiment rejoined.

26/1/18 Exercise. Preparations were made for a move to MONCHY LAGACHE area.

27/1/18 8th Cav. Bde moved to PROYART area. E.Y marched by route FLESSELLES BERTHICOURT AMIENS



29/1/18 Cleaning up and improvement of billets.

30/1/18 Exercise. Salving of material and cleaning regimental billeting area. Improvement of hutments.

31/1/18 Lt. Colonel F.H.D.C. Whitmore C.M.G.,D.S.O. commanding 8th Cav. Bde. addressed the Brigade in morning. Cleaning of billets and improvements continued. The following officers attended courses during the month:
3rd, Lt.G.Wear, and 2nd/Lt. G.V.N. Ridley.
H.A.R. School. Lt.B.F. Wilmer.
3rd Corps Bombing School. 2nd/Lt L.Solaini.
5th Army S.0.S School. Lt. R.W. Bruce.
Cav.Corps Equitation School. Lt.J.K.Swire.
5th Army Musketry School. Major A. Buxton D.S.O.


1/2/18 Exercise. Work continued on salving material improvement of billets &c.

2/2/18 Cleaning regimental area and improvement of billets. A pioneer party of 37 O.R.s commenced work on Green line. The party was organised as a daily one. taking horseholders and returning to billets each day on completion of task. Personnel were supplied by squadrons in rotation. Major E.A. Ruggles Brise MC was detailed to Command the Divisional party.

3/2/18 Divine service. Evensong in "C" squadron area.

4/2/18 Exercise and improvement of billets. An additional Pioneer party was formed known as "Party B" consisting of 4 Officers and 200 O.R.s per Brigade. E.Y. provided 1 Officer and 60 O.R.s. The divisional rendezvous was at BIHECOURT and the party worked in the Battle zone. The work of improving the regimental area. was commenced on an organised plan. Construction parties were detailed and R. E. material obtained.

5/2/18 Improvement of billets. Pioneers parties proceeded as usual. The strength of Major E.A. Ruggles Brise party was reduced from 37 to 30. Lt. B. F.Wilmer appointed Town Major VILLERS CARBONNEL.
Honours & Awards
awarded Croix de Guerre (Belgium)
Major J.O. Parker,
80391 Cpl.H.C. Cordell.
81033 Pte.C. Wood.

6/2/18 Construction parties continued work on regimental area. Pioneer parties. Major E.A. Ruggles Brise's party was increased to 1 officer 33 O.R.s until further notice. The C.O. made a tour of inspection of the camp. 2nd/Lt J.Brown to hold the appointment of Town Major VENDELLES. Lt.J.C.Chaplin,M.C to U.K. on leave.

7/2/18 Construction and Pioneer parties as usual. The Divisional Gas Officer delivered a lecture in "C" squadron area.

8/2/18 Construction parties and Pioneer parties as usual. A scheme for the Cultivation of the recaptured area in which the Division was billeted had for some time been under consideration and steps were now taken to commence work on an organised basis. An Organisation known as "The 3rd Cavalry Division Agricultural Organisation" was brought into being with Lt. Col. F, H. D. C. Whitmore G.M.C., D. S. 0, as President. A number of G.S and Q officers of the 3rd Cav. Div. and members of the French Mission formed a Committee together with the following Officers of the E.Y. who were responsible for the departments mentioned against their ranks.
Lieut Wakefield Leicestershire Yeomanry as Cultivation Officer.
Lieut R.D. Holland Essex Yeomanry as Horse Labour Officer.
Liaison was obtained with the French Agricultural Authorities and civilian population andva scheme on the following lines was put into working order.
(1) The cultivation of a large area of potatoes in one plot.
(2) The Cultivation of 5 acres of tares with oats or other green crop in or about each Regimental area.
(3) The Cultivation of existing gardens and any suitable land in the vicinity of Regimental area.
22 O.R.s and 42 L.D horses with wagons were attached to E.Y. from various units within the Division for Agricultural work and a stable was constructed to accommodate the horses named.

9/2/18 Capt.R.A. Thomson,Lt G.L. Horsfall and Personnel with 3rd Cav.Div. Pioneer regiment rejoined. From this date the whole of the Divisional "B" Pioneer party was provided by 8th Cav.Bde under a scheme by which regiments found personnel for working party every two days out of three.
The two pioneer parties were now known as "B.1" & "B.2

9/2/18 "B.1" consisted of 3 Officers and 180 O.R.s "B.2" consisted of 3 Officers and 30 O.R.s
10/2/18 Pioneer parties as usual. Divine service.8.30 a.m.Holy Communion, 7 p.m. evensong. Capt.H.J. Lowe A.V.C joined the regiment as Veterinary Officer.

11/2/18 Pioneer parties as usual. Inspection of horses by Veterinary Officer. 2nd/Lt C.A. Hall appointed Regimental Intelligence Officer.

12/2/18 Exercise and clean up. Construction parties as usual.

13/2/18 Pioneer parties Construction parties. Veterinary Officers Inspection. 2nd/Lt A.D. Lippett retained
for duty in U.K for 3 months and struck off strength. Authority W.0.14404612 (M.S.1.R.4)
Extract from London Gazette dated 8-1-18. Lieut.R.C. Weatherby resigns his commission on account of ill health caused by wounds and is granted Honorary rank of Lieutenant.

14/2/18 Pioneer parties as usual. Construction fatigues Lt.F.D. Balfour proceeded to U.K on leave.

15/2/18 Exercise and clean up. G.O.C 8th cav.Bde. inspected horses of the regiment at stables.

17/2/18 Pioneer parties and Construction Fatigues as usual. Divine service evensong 7.30 p.m."C" squadron. Lieut.R.D. Holland proceeded to U.K. on leave.

19/2/18 Pioneer parties and Construction fatigues.

20/2/18 Pioneer parties and fatigues as usual. A working party of 13 other ranks proceeded to JEANCOURT and were attached to 258th Tunnelling Company.

21/2/18 Exercise and fatigues.

22/2/18 The Organisation of Pioneer parties was revised from this date and parties were provided as follows: "B" Party of 1 Officer 25 O.R.s were permanently billeted at JEANCOURT.
"C" Party of 13 O.R.s attached to 258th Tunnelling Company and billeted at JEANCOURT.
"D" Party 3 Officers 124 O.R.s rode to JEANCOURT and returned to billets at completion of task.

23/2/18 Party "B" and usual Construction fatigues.

24/2/18 Exercise and clean up Construction fatigues. Divine service. Holy Communion "C" squadron at 9.30 am' Maj.G.G. Gold and Lieut G.L. Horsfall proceeded on leave to PARIS.

25/2/18 Pioneer party "D" and usual construction fatigues.

26/2/18 Pioneer Party "D" and construction fatigues. Lieut.G. Wear was evacuated to hospital sick.

27/2/18 Exercise and clean up. Usual construction fatigues.

28/2/18 Pioneer party "E" and Constructional parties. In the afternoon orders were received for the regimental area to be evacuated before nightfall and by 10 p.m, the regiment had completed a move to TREFCON and closed up with the 7th Cav Bde. The following Officers attended courses during the month:
Major.A. Buxton D.S.O 5th Army Musketry Camp.
2nd/Lt.N.Brown. Gas School.
2nd/Lt C.E. Devin, Lt.G. Wear, 2nd/Lt G.Q.N.Ridley,2nd/Lt L. Solaini, 2nd/Lt Collis, and 2nd/Lt S.W. Taylor. 3rd Cav.Div. School of instruction.
2nd/Lt J.Brown Trench Mortar School.
The weather in general throughout the month was good. During the early part of the month the neighbourhood was subjected to Bombing attacks
from hostile aircraft. The work of the 3rd Cav.Div. Agricultural Organisation was further proceeded with and much good work was completed. Operations were somewhat impeded by frost, but manure carting was continued.


1/3/18 As enemy attack appeared to be imminent "Stand to" orders were brought into force on the following lines. On the receipt of the order "Stand to" the regiment is to parade mounted and proceed to W 2 a (62c) N of TERTRY. Major J.O. Parker to be left in charge of Brigade details. Lt.H.H. Newman to assure command of "B" echelon.

2/3/18 Inspection of horses by the Veterinary Officer (Capt.H.J. Lowe,A.V.C.) Lt.W. Ritchie rejoined from, supervision of work on defences JEANCOURT. Revised "stand to" orders were brought into force as follows:- The 3rd Cav.Div. came into Corps reserve and were held in readiness to act. (1) In support of the Cavalry Corps. (2) In support of the 7th Corps or (3) In support of 18th Corps. Brigades were on duty in line and under the following conditions. One regiment to move at one hours notice and remainder at 3 hours notice. 8th Cav. Bde to come on duty from 9 a.m. 19th inst. Regiments in rotation L.Y Coy. 10th R.H. and E.Y for 2 day periods.

3/3/18 Exercise. 2nd/Lt C.E.Devin and Pioneer party rejoined.

5/3/18 Inspection of remounts by G.O.C 8th Cav.Bde.

6/3/18 Regimental parade mounted. Squadron training commenced.

7/3/18 Regimental parade mounted. Practise Dismounted attack in afternoon at W 9 b 25(62c).

9/3/18 The regiment "stood to" at 3 hours notice as per orders brought into force on 2nd inst. The 8th Cav. Bde. came on duty today instead of on 13th march as originally ordered.

10/3/18 Exercise. Divine service. The billeting area was subjected to attacks by hostile aircraft on night of 10th and 1lth No casualties in E.Y but 10th R.H lying alongside suffered several. Information was received that under instructions from Home Authorities the Canadian Cav.Bde will shortly be incorporated into 3rd Cav.Div. and replace a British Cav.Bde. This measure necessitated the dismounting of the two Yeomanry regiments in the 8th Cav.Bde and they are subsequently to be converted into Corps Cycles Regiments. A very successful flat race meeting was held over a course of about 1 mile. Prizes were distributed by Brig.Gen.A.G. Seymour D.S.O.

11/3/18 The regiment "stood to" at one hours notice. Dismounted training and parades in vicinity of Camp. The E.Y came on duty in lieu of 10th R.H in consequence of casualties suffered by latter unit during previous nights air raids but were relieved by 10th R.H at 2 p.m. owing to 25 Riding horses being handed over to 2nd Cav Div. and consequently losing mobility.

12/3/18 Lt.CoI.F.H.D.C. Whitmore, C.M.G.,D.S.O proceeded to U.K with a view to arranging a deputation to the Home Authorities to request them to reconsider their decision to convert the regiment to a Corps Cyclist Regiment.

13/3/18 The regiment moved to ST CHRIST dismounted personnel by lorry. Mounted personnel by lorry. Mounted personnel by march route upon arrival a full strength parade was held and addressed by the Corps Commander. He expressed his regret at the necessity for the regiment leaving Cav.Corps and his best wishes for our future.

14/3/18 The march back was continued in two columns. Dismounted personnel proceeded by rail direct to the LONGPRE area under Command of Maj.A. Buxton,D.S.O Mounted personnel by march route BRIE VILLERS CARBONNEL LA-MOTTE EN-SANTERRE to GUIGNIMICOURT.


15/3/18 Mounted personnel continued march to LONGPRE area and joined up with dismounted party in an area LIERCOURT (H.Q) SORIEL. ("A"and*C") squadrons at WANEL     ("B"squadron. ). News was received that LT.Col.F.H.D.C.Whitmore, C.M.G.,D.S.O., had met with some success in his mission to the Home Authorities and that instead of being made into Cyclist regiments. The Yeomanty regiments now being dismounted would be formed into M.G.Battalion the personnel for one Battalion being formed from the Essex and Beds Yeomanry regiments. On arrival in the LONGPRE area the regiment came under the    administration of H.Q commanded by Brig.Gen.Ranklin,C.M.G.,D.S,O.


17/3/18 Exercise. Cleaning and repairing saddlery. Lt.J.K.Swire attached as Instructor to Cav.Corps Equitation school.

18/3/18 Squadron parades and general clean up. Inspection of all horses by Veterinary Officer in the morning and by D.D.R Cav.Corps in afternoon with a view to classification and disposal.

20/3/18 Squadron parades. The work of evacuation of all H.A.R stores and saddlery was commenced.

22/3/18 37 Riding horses transferred to Canadian Cavalry Brigade. These were taken to Canadian Cavalry Brigade area by march route. Party proceeded under Command of Lt.W.Ritchie. The Commanding Officer (Major G.G.Gold) inspected "A" and"C" squadrons in full dismounted marching order. 2nd/Lt G.V.N.Ridley to Hospital.

23/3/18 Dismounted parades under squadron arrangements. 30 horses despatched to MARSEILLES by rail. Conducting party Maj.J.O.Parker and 30 O.R.s

24/3/18 The breaking up of the LONGPRE group was stopped and regiments were held in readiness to proceed to 10th Corps By train.

25/3/18 Orders were received that the LONGPRE group would march to 10th Corps area on 27th inst. A Brigade was formed of Essex, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire Yeomanrys under Command Lt.CoIonel J.Walker Beds.Yeo. These orders were afterwards cancelled as information had been received that all four    Yeomanry regiments would remain in LOHGPRE area    as Cavalry reinforcements.

26/3/18 The regiment concentrated in LONGPRE all riding horses less those on the establishment of the new organisation (M.G.Battn) were evacuated to No.2 advanced remount depot ABBEVILLE. The party conducting horses to Canadian Cav.Bde were retained in the forward atea owing to the stratique situation.

27/3/18 The re-horsing of the regiment as a Cav.Unit was commenced remounts was received from other units
still under orders to be Dismounted Lt.CoI.F.H.D.C Whitmore C.M.G.,D.S.O., returned from U.K and took
over Command of the regiment.

28/3/18 2nd/Lt G.V.N.Ridley from hospital. "A and"C" squadrons proceeded by march route to BUSSY-LES-DAOURS to reinforce the 1st Cav.Div. Horses were inspected at BUSSY and the two squadrons went into the line.

29/3/18 H.Q. and "B" squadton proceeded by march route to BUSSY-LES-DAOURS where they left their horses and went into the line. Lt.H.H.Newman was left at LONGPRE in charge of detail and transport.

30/3/18 Transport was handed into ABBEVILLE Depot.
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