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War Diary Appendix - 8th Cav Bde Dismounted Party Dec 1917

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1/12/17 Party arrived at BERNES at midday and were billeted in huts. Heavy shelling N of EPHEY during the night.

2/12/17 "Stand to" at 6 a.m. Wiring party to HESBSCOURT from 7.30 a.m. to dusk party endeavoured to work on ridge but considerably shelled and unable to do so. Heavy shelling N of EPHEY during the day.

3/12/17 No "Stand to" Essex and Leicester parties moved to MONTIGNY FARM 10th R.H, remaining at BERNES very quiet day.

4/12/17 Essex and 10th R.H parties relieve in East Surreys in support line of 72nd Infantry Bde at COTE and FERYACQUE trenches. Relief completed by 5 p.m. Leicester party working at LIC and forming a defensive rank to TEMPLEUX-LE-GIRARD.

5/12/17 Cansiderable excitement as it is reported Germans will attack about TURNIP TRENCH and VILLARET LANE. Lt.Wear and 40 men to front line at 5 a.m. No attack developes considerable shelling during the day and aerial activity above normal. Wiring parties to HARGNICOURT VALLEY at 9.30 p.m. Two field batteries arrived in support.

6/12/17 "Stand to" 5.30 a.m. Working parties of 10th R.H and E.Y to wire VILLARET VALLEY at 9 a.m. Still considerable excitement over threatened attack. Reconnaissance of lines of approach for counter attack completed and liaison with Queens and West Kents made. Front line posts heavily shelled all day. Working parties of
10th R.H, and E.Y for night wiring Quesns and West Kents to raid for an identification. French batteries register during the day.

7/12/17    "Stand to" 5 oc No working parties during day l0th R.H and E.Y for night wiring in VILLARET VALLEY. Quiet day and very little shelling.

8/12/17    "Stand to" 5 oc. Relieved by the 7th North Staffs at 2.30 p.m. 8th Dismounted party relieve the lst R.F at VADENCOURT at 5 oc.p.m. in 17th Infantry Bde. Support 6th and 7th Dismounted Battalion now in line very quiet no shelling and little aerial activity.

9/12/17 No "Stand to" Baths at VADENCOURT 10th R.H.,L.Y.,E.Y. supply working parties to line. Aerial activity above normal otherwise situation very quiet on this front.

10/12/17 No "Stand to" Bright sunny day and aerial activity above normal. Enemy shell post during morning. Defence scheme of village prepared and E.Y working party on trenches during the night. Corps Commander visits Battalion H.Q and enquiring into sock shortage. General Seely visits Battalion H.Q.

11/12/17 No "Stand to" C.0 reconnoitres A.2 Sub.Sector and LE VERGUIER forts with Gen.Portal. LE VERGUIER forts to be put into a state of defence. Hard white frost during night and M.G.s very active throughout the night. NO visibility and Artillery Quiet. Working parties of 10th R.H,L.Y, and E.Y at night.

12/12/17 No "Stand to" Officer reconnaissance of A 2 Sub Sector Work on YADENCOURT defences by d$y as there is no visibility. No working for night Frost continues and weather severe.

13/12/17 Relieve 7th Dismounted Battalion at LE YERGUIERE. EY left company 10th R.H, right Company L.Y in support
at LE VERGUIER. Relief completed at 9 oc and O.K Dark night and very quiet frost continues.   

14/12/17 "Stand to" 6 a.m. Very Misty and very little shelling of posts and back areas during the day. E.Y patrol under Lt.Wear and 20 men to search for suspected T.M emplacement at 7 p.m and found nothing. Lt.Barnard 1 officer and 30 men to patrol "No mans Land" and search for some suspected M.G emplacement atd attack working parties. No movement and nothing found Battalion H.Q shelled at 8.30 p.m. probably ration strafe. Frost ccntinues.

15/12/17 "Stand to" 6 oc. Bright and sunny day. Own and enemys aircraft very active. LE VERGUIER and JEANCOURT shelled during the morning with H.E.Some of our troops considerably shelled. Patrols under sniping Officer 10th R.H. No movement and nothing found.    Enemy heavily shell 10th R.H posts during the night. No damage done otherwise all quiet on rest of front. Night firing on back areas by our Field Artillery.

16/12/17 "Stand to" 6 oc. Dull morning and threatens snow. Artillery inactive and little shelling on our front. Gen.Vaugham inspects A 2 Sub.Sector during the morning. No patrols sent out owing to heavy snow storm.

16/12/17 Considerable shelling of posts during the evening otherwise quiet.

17/12/17 "Stand to" 6 oc very heavy snow storm during the night and about 4 inches on ground at 8 a.m. Snowed slightly throughout the morning. No Artillery fire on either side and very quiet day. Patrols sent out at night but no enemy seen L.Y relieved E.Y.who went to G.D PRIEL-WOOD and sunken lane.

18/12/17 "Stood to" 6 oc. Hard frost during night and snowing early cleared up midday and visibility good. Some shelling of our posts. Aircraft very quiet. Considerable Enemy movements all day in front line trenches. No patrols out on account of no white smocks to hand. A practise counter attack was carried out by L.Y and E.Y took up their positions.

19/12/17 "Stand to" 6 oc very hard frost and bright sunny morning Visibility very good and aerial activity above normal Working parties on LE YERGUIER defences.

20/12/17 "Stand to" 6 oc very foggy morning and no visibility. Everything quiet on Battalion Sector 2nd Cav.Div.relieve 72nd Infantry Brigade on our left. At 3 a.m the Germans approached our wire and threw bombs and then retired. No Damage done.

21/12/17 "Stand to" 6 oc very foggy morning and quiet day. E.Y relieve 10th R.H on right Company front. Patrol under Lieut Barnard and Brown with 2 H A.Rs and 42 O.R.s to search "No Mans Land". They are surprised by a superior force of Germans apparently lying up for them. Patrol compelled to retire rapidly as they are threatened by another patrol in the rear. Casualties 5 Missing 3 wounded, and 2 H.A.R.s lost in retirement.

22/12/17 "Stand to" 6 oc. Bright and sunny morning snow still very thick on ground. Aircraft busy but very little shelling. No sign of missing can be seen on "No Mans Land" A patrol was sent out at 10 oc to lie up in ASCENSION wood for the Germans. Scouts sent out in advance report the wood held by Germans owing to the unfavourable conditions patrol withdrew. Very quiet night.

23/12/17 "Stand to" 6 oc. Bright and sunny morning and snow still thick on ground. Aircraft and Artillery normal. A strong patrol under Lt.Wear of 3 Officers and 60 men lie up in ASCENSION WOOD all night. No germans appeared and patrol withdrew. Quiet night weather severe.

24/12/17 "Stand to" 6 oc Dull misty morning and artillery rather more active against our posts. A strong patrol of 4 Officers and 80 O.R.s and 2 H.A.R.s enter ASCENSION WOOD and lie up for germans. German patrol of about 40 men approached wood and heavily fired on By L.Y. Two prisoners taken one died at Company H.Q we suffered no casualties. Identification normal. Quiet night otherwise weather severe.

25/12/17 Relieved by 6th Battalion L.Y and 10th R.H to VADENCOURT E.Y in support at LE VERGUIER relief completed by 10 p.m. Very quiet night weather severe.

26/12/17 No "Stand to" Very quiet day. Some shelling on LE VERGUIER. Weather still severe. Lt.Col.Whitmore C.M,G, D,S.O arrives.

27/12/17 Essex H.Q take over from Lt.C.C.Gibbs and 10th R.H H.Q Relief O.K. Out going Battalion H.Q to ROISEL for night thence to Billets.
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