Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Boer War Items - from Tinus le Roux

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Boer War Items - from Tinus le Roux

I found an "Essex Imperial Yeomanry" tunic button on a farm in South Africa. My great grandfather had a farm in that area and there was a British camp there. I actually found the button on the farm around 1975 when I was a kid and I used to go there in school holidays. All the years I kept these relics in a box and never really bother about it.

EIY button

The farm is at Wonderfontein, close to Belfast and close to the Dalmanutha battlefield, the last major conventional battle of the Boer war. I believe the EIY became involved in the latter part of the war, during the Boer guerilla warfare phase. At that time there were no people at the farm as my great grandfather was a pow in India and his wife with my grandfather (small boy) in a concentration camp.
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