Friday, January 18, 2019
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Service Records

We get a large number of requests for information, particularly to do with the service records of relatives. Unfortunately we cannot help the majority directly as we do not hold these. This article gives some advice on sources to try. We would, of course, like to hear how you got on and if you have a story to tell.

For more general information about the EY there is a range of books covering the 1st & 2nd Wars.

Burrows J W “Essex Units in the War Volume 3”

Gee P W (ed) “History of the Essex Yeomanry 1919-1949, 1950”

Hook Lieutenant Commander K Hook  “A Short History of the Essex Yeomanry”

Rickword G O “The West Essex Yeomanry Cavalry 1830- 1877, Essex Review LVII 1,87,135”

Rickwood G O “The Essex Yeomanry Records and Recollections 1901-1914 Essex Review LX 57”

Whitmore F H D C “The Tenth (PWO) Royal Hussars and the Essex Yeomanry during the European War 1914-1918”

Good luck

Army Records Office

Enquiries about information from Army personnel records should be made to the appropriate address below:

Officers or Soldiers whose regular or reserve service ended before 1921*

The National Archives
Ruskin Avenue
Telephone 0208876 3444

Officers or Soldiers whose regular or reserve service ended between 1921 and 1997

Army Personnel Centre
HQ Secretariat
Historical Disclosures
Mail Point 400
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX
Tel: 0845 600 9663, option 1, then option 3
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