Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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War and Medicine

Black Dog Publishing’s current offer on War and Medicine.

We would be delighted to offer you a discount on any orders for this title, should you wish to purchase copies to coincide with your work.

A vividly illustrated text, War and Medicine examines the often paradoxical relationship between warfare and medical science. Exploring how medical advancement correlates with the progressive sophistication of military weaponry, the book provides a unique and comprehensive study of this dense and fascinating field.

War and Medicine adopts an extraordinary range of perspectives and explores a diverse range of themes. From the diary extracts of a Vietnamese doctor during the war, to testimonies from nurses, soldiers, trauma victims, and one child’s experience of being injured and treated through the Blitz, first-hand accounts complement a collection of essays from historians and experts in the field. Drawing on art, poetry, photography and film to cover the continuing debate on the moral and ethical issues of war and medical aid, War and Medicine is an aesthetically unparalleled report on both past and current conflicts.

Published to coincide with a groundbreaking exhibition at Wellcome Collection in London and the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, in Dresden, War and Medicine is a poignant, extensively illustrated collection of works and writings, and a must for anyone interested in historical conflict and medical progression.

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