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R Signals Branch - Essex Yeomanry Association

1.    NAME

The Branch will be known as the Signals Branch of the Essex Yeomanry Association.


In the Constitution and Rules, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words will have the following meaning.

The Branch - will mean the Signals Branch of the Essex Yeomanry Association

The Association - will mean the Essex Yeomanry Association.

The Squadron -will mean 70 (Essex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron (v) of 71 (Yeomanry) Signal Regiment (v), or any unit for the time being of the Territorial Army, which incorporates in its title the words "Essex Yeomanry".

The Former Units - will mean any unit which had incorporated in its title the words "Essex Yeomanry" and listed in section 4 of the Association Rules.

There will be 3 types of membership:

Full Members
Associate Members
Honorary Members

i Full Membership:-

a)    Commissioned and non-commissioned officers of the Squadron.

b)    Soldiers who have completed 6 months service with the Squadron.

c)    All those who have served in the former units of the Essex Yeomanry.

d)    Those who qualify under the Association's rules as members of the Band of the Essex Yeomanry, the Essex Yeomanry Company of the Essex Army Cadet Force and Honorary Members of the Association.

ii Associate Membership:-

a)    Commissioned Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers who served with 71st  (Yeomanry) Signal Regt or 38 Signal Regt during the periods that the Essex Yeomanry formed part of those regiments may be proposed for membership.

b)    Civilian staff who have completed 6 months of service with 70 Signal Squadron during the normal working day may be proposed for associate membership.

Upon acceptance by the committee these members will pay the same subscriptions as full members.

iii)    Honorary Membership

Available to those who qualify as honorary members of the main association.

iv)    The Branch Committee will have the power to refuse application for membership and recommend expulsion from the Association of any member whose conduct warrants such a course.


The Branch is bound by the Objects of the Association. The following are the key objects as they apply to the Branch:

i.    To promote the efficiency of the Squadron and maintain its history, traditions and esprit de corps.

ii.    To give comfort and recommend to the Association those members who are serving or have served with the Squadron or who have served in former units and their dependants who are in need of relief from conditions of hardship or distress.

iii.    To encourage recruitment into the Squadron.

iv.    By way of regular meetings, social events and newsletters provide an avenue to promote the continuation of the camaraderie enjoyed by the members while serving with the Essex Yeomanry.


The Branch subscription will be set at £5 per annum for serving members of the Squadron and a voluntary annual contribution from former members of the Squadron and former units.

The branch will pay £2 to the Association for each new member on joining the branch. This payment will come from the first years subscription.


i.    The Annual General Meeting of the Branch will be held in February of each year, at which ballots for elected officers and Committee for the ensuing year will be held.
nb. Only full members of the branch may stand for office.

ii.    A General Meeting will be called by the Honorary Secretary on the requisition of not less than twelve members or by the Branch Committee.

iii.    A minimum of Two weeks notice of all meetings will be given.


i.    The Officers of the Branch will consist of:

a)    President
b)    Chairman
c)    Honorary Secretary
d)    Honorary Treasurer
e)    Welfare Officer


The President will be appointed by the Management Committee for a period no longer than three years. This is a non-executive role and does not form part of the management committee.

iii.    CHAIRMAN

The Chairman will be elected for a period no longer than three years, at which time he can seek re-election should he so desire.


The Secretary will keep a record of the minutes of all meetings of the Branch and submit an Annual Report on the activities of the Branch at the Annual General Meeting. The sum of £50 per annum is available to the secretary for the purpose of stationery and postage.


The Treasurer will collect subscriptions and monies due to the Branch. The Treasurer will be responsible for the Bank account opened in the name of the Branch. Cheques will be signed by the Treasurer, the chairman or the secretary, two out of the three signatures will be required. The Treasurer shall submit a statement of the finances of the Branch at the Annual General Meeting. An Honorary Auditor elected at a General Meeting will certify the annual accounts prior to presentation.

vi.    Welfare Officer

The welfare officer will be responsible for identifying and coordinating a response for any Essex Yeomen who fall under article ii of the objects of the Association. The sum of £100 is available to the welfare officer to be used pursuant to this article.


Management of the Branch will be by a committee of at least 7 members consisting of the officers and 3 others, elected as follows:

a) Representative from each Squadron location,

b) A representative for the period prior to 1969.

5 will form a quorum

The Committee will have the power to co-opt up to 6 members to their number to meet the requirements of the various locations.

In a duly constituted meeting, the committee will have the authority to vote (pursuant to the rules and constitution) upon the disbursement of the funds held in the branch bank account.


The Honorary Secretary and one other Committee will represent the Branch on the General Committee of the Association.


These rules can be altered only by a General Meeting. Notice of proposal of alterations must be sent to the Honorary Secretary at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the General Meeting.

Version 4
Amended March 2004
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